Rolling Solo with the Green Cave Comrades. Rumble in the Ruins
Rolling Solo New School Revolution

Rolling Solo with the Green Cave Comrades. Rumble in the Ruins

Duncan Thomson

Continuing the adventures of the Green Cave Comrades as they explore the Ruins of Pozstone. Using Knave.

Character Spotlight: Marge Greenfingers

Marge is the unwitting founder and leader of the Green Cave Comrades. The only survivor an adventuring party gone wrong, she stubbornly continues adventuring due to a great debt. She pretends to be a better archer but mostly does so she can stay clear of foes.

Marge is sinewy with a narrow face emphasized by her hair in a ponytail. She is a keen gardener and herbalist, was lost a valued position when she went into debt. She is obsessive about vegetables and other garden foods(?)

She has a vengeful streak, planning to hunt down the ogre who destroyed her first group and the hermit who almost ended the Comrades

Questions. Who does she owe a great debt to?

Portrait from using "Marge Greenfingers narrow face, rosy skin, ponytail"

Marge Greenfingers, leader of the Green Cave Comrades
Marge Greenfingers using AI

Current Members of the Green Cave Comrades

Marge Greenfingers - leader of the Green Cave Comrades

Str +3 Dex +1 Con +1 Int +2 Wis +1 Cha +1, HP 6, Level 1, neutral

Sinewy, narrow face, rosy skin, ponytail, patched clothes, ambitious, vengeful, blunt speech, herbalist, replaced. Likes gardening, obsessive about certain foods

Gear - Gambeson, silver dagger, bow and arrows, rope, 2 large sacks, sword, poor clothes, halberd

Alonso - scout and  founding member of GCC

Str +2 Dex +4 Con +2 Int +1 Wis +1 Cha +1, HP 8, level 1, neutral, halfling

Impish face, sunburned skin, curly hair, oversized clothing, generous, deceitful, booming voice, cleric, condemned Inherited a few servants he looks after (outlawed sect)

Gear - Gambeson, shortbow and arrows, shortsword, lockpicks

Synnal - scholar and founding member of GCC

Str +1 Dex +1 Con +1 Int +4 Wis +1 Cha +2, HP 6, level 1, neutral

Scrawny, delicate face, sallow skin perfumed clothing, idealistic, irascible, formal speech, charlatan, pursued Elven blood, sweet tooth, meals of sweets

Gear - Book with detect magic, silver dagger, pulleys, 5 candles, tongs, cook pots

Lais - cook

Str +2 Dex +1 Con +1 Int +1 Wis +2 Cha +1, HP 6, Level 1, Lawful

Gaunt, ratlike face, weathered skin, mohawk, elegant clothing, righteous but flippant, quaint speech, cook, demoted. Cousin of Milo

Gear - Shield, spear, 5 spikes, waterskin, pick, trumpet, brigandine armor, tent, spyglass

Tiberia - noble tracker

Str +1 Dex +1 Con +4 Int +2 Wis +4 Cha +2, HP 8, Level 1, lawful

Rugged physique, square face, tattoo (noble), topknot, patched clothing, merciful, rude, tracker, demoted, paranoid about being poisoned, smitten with Synnal

Gear - Brigandine, grappling hook, 50 ft rope, saw, soap, crossbow and bolts

They also have a standard bearer (Yuldra, mumbling speech) paid for by Marge and group takings, and two torchbearers hired by Synnal (Elthar, courteous; and Clodio, aggressive)

Summary So Far

So far the group started with dnd basic in the Keep of the Borderlands and got going in an unconventional manner. Since then there was some Worldbuilding with Random Tables and the Comrades are continuing with Knave and exploring a ruins in the woods.

The Ruins of Pozstone

I tried an experiment using Rory's Story Dice, rolling up a set of three icons I could use as inspiration during the game. I got

  • A Map of the World
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Bridge
After a night's rest in the hull of a ship, they finished the last of the water buffalo. Not trusting the bridge, the group started looking for a boat to cross over and investigate the lake

I randomised between options of look around the edge, go over the bridge and look for a boat. When looking for a boat, the oracle said yes there was a boat and it has a treasure.

Rolling on the Treasure And Treasure Complication for Pozstone, it is a water magic item and it is guarded. Asked if it is Elise and it is

They see a woman armed with bow, trident and sword, with an eagle. She summons a boat from a box and is greeted by two giant seahorses as she enters the lake. The group hail them but they are ignored

Sadly Elise was unfriendly on reaction roll.

As they continue searching the edge of the lake they get an encounter, Alonso spots a familiar figure of the hermit and their lion pet. They are resting in a garden. A vegetable garden cultivated by someone.

Pozstone Encounter table and situation revealed "3- Hermit and Lion" and "6 - resting somewhere dry". I drew a card from the locations deck for the garden.

Leaving Alonso to watch them, they take a look around the ruins on the lake shore as it starts to rain. Most interesting find is tracks of giant crabs in a pool.

Alonso is spotted and runs to the group, who hear a lion's roar. Hiding on the far side of the pool, the try to use Alonso to taunt their foes and send Tiberia in her heavy armor back a bit

Sooner than expected the great cat avoids he island and closes on Also. It's master in pursuit, sword at the ready.

Group and crabs spotted by lion and don't surprise it

Alonso scuttles up a ruined wall for some height as the lion closes. It is met by arrows and blades of Lais and Alonso as the Banner is unfurled.

Hermit closes and is spotted by Tiberia

Reeling in pain, it is struck down by both halfling and cook. And the Sun shines down. Looking over they lose sight of the Hermit in the ruins

Good rolls from party, hermit made morale check but retreated on random roll to stalk them from a distance.

Eyes watch them, attracted by the noise. A talkative goblin outcast from it's tribe.

Rolled for an encounter and attracted attention of "2 - Goblins", "8 - Stranded". Only one of them so an outcast scavenger.

The group drag lion back to the hull of the boat, where Tiberia skins it. Group surprised to have been victorious in something. Group stays together in show of wisdom. Lais exchanges lion pelt with Alonso for spyglass and a favour. Marge is curious about the garden.
Alonso spots goblin and a shot scares it away...
Explore the garden, Marge picks out best veg and feeds them. Manage to find some boats and take them out to the Bathhouse in churning waters, losing a torchbearer overboard with supplies, who is swallowed by the lake.

They had no-one specialised in boats and it was late, so it was a simple roll to see if anything bad happened...

As they rest on the edge of the old bath house, with waves crashing nearby, worry racks them. Of the hermit, their lost companions and the dangers of the ruins.
Alonso dreams being pulled towards something and a hand in the water...

Marge levels to level 2. Appropriate as they oversee the Comrade's first real victory.

Somewhere a goblin is happily eating lion meat.

Finishing Up

If you have your own advice or solo gaming suggestions, leave them in the comments or on my Discord server