Edge of the Ghost Fields - Encounters, Locations, Beasts and NPCs

"A shadow demon which tries to lure characters to a place with little light. They use telepathic whispers, noises and tricks of darkness."

An encounter from the Edge of the Fields Encounters random table.

[Art by Fil Kearney]

Ghost Fields - Outer Fields Tables

The tables of the outer fields detail encounters, locations, beasts, and npcs.

The Ghost Fields is an Adventure Site using random tables. Use, adapt or steal anything that is useful for your games. Suitable for sandbox games, one shots, side quests or world building.

The themes of Frost [Fr], Gloom [Gm], Spirits [Sp] and Wolves [Wo] can be supported using the Ghost Fields. Each table has entries supporting them.

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Ghost Fields.

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Edge of the Fields Encounters

This might be near the fields or on the edge of them.

For only non-combat encounters roll 1d4, for only level 1 roll 1d8, or 1d12 for only levels 1-2.

Some alternatives are from Rime of the Frostmaiden [RotF]

1d20Edge of the Fields Encounters
1 A few commoners, villagers braving fields to placate winter deity. [Fr]
2 Several tribal warriors of the Wolf Tribe patrol for threats or looters. [Wo]
3 A noble (or roll on NPCs) with guards. They seek to lift a curse using a cave in the fields. [Gm]
4 1 veteran bearing bones of kin who requested a burial in the fields. [Sp]
5 2d4 zombies layered in frost and ice, dragging bones of a mammoth.
6 2d4 reindeer (elk stats). or roll on Beasts
7 1 specter desperate to converse in Common before growing angry. [Sp]
8 2d4 kobolds (or icewind kobolds; RotF) trying to avoid sunlight. [Gm]
9 1d3 ice mephits (or chwingas; RotF) throw snowballs & ice at group. [Fr]
10 1d4+1 orcs searching for the burial place of a revered warchief.
11 A pack of 1d4 hungry wolves led by a dire wolf. [Wo] or roll on Beasts
12 A scout (or roll on NPCs) with 1d4+1 mastiffs seeks the spirit of one of their kin. They hope to locate a lost heirloom. [Sp]
13 1d3 berserkers (or 1 chardalyn berserker; RotF) of a local tribe. or roll on Inner Fields Encounters
14 A shadow demon which tries to lure characters to a place with little light. They use telepathic whispers, noises and tricks of darkness. [Gm]
15 A scarred winter wolf offers to trade secrets of area for food. [Wo] [Fr]
16 1d4 spies working for a local faction seek knowledge of the fields.
17 1 white pudding (black pudding stats. Advantage on Stealth in snow).
18 1 helmed horror (or spitting mimic - RotF) keeps guard over a cairn.
19 1d3 woolly rhinoceroses. or roll on Inner Fields Encounters
20 1 wraith (or coldlight walker) that calls to party from a cave mouth. [Sp]

Outer Locations of the Fields

Sites near to the fields, on the edge or slightly inside..

1d20Outer Locations of the Fields
1-2 Old Hut. A trapper (or roll on NPCs) lives here but not home. Locked but Investigate DC 15 reveals something buried (roll on Treasures).
3-4 Wolf Den. A large cave with a pool of water inside and a second entrance. Regularly used by wolves and area littered with bones. [Wo]
5-6 Grave of Axes. A cairn where a berserker is laid to rest is marked by many axes driven into ground. Animate (as flying swords if one taken.
7-8 Shadow Mire. An area of mist and gloom around a bog. Murmurs and groans can be heard nearby. The area is always lightly obscured. [Gm]
9-10 Abandoned Watchtower. Still standing and has good view of nearby area. Has a small shrine and there are signs recent visitors.
11-12 Temporary Camp. Several tents (and wagons or sleds) of nomads are here. They have goats (or other livestock) and keep watch for threats.
13-14 Ring of the Frost Ones. A circle of enchanted snowmen that forms every dawn around a runed stone. They dance, sing and scream. [Fr]
15-16 Fishing Pool. An iced over lake has a couple holes where someone has been fishing. Submerged ruins are visible beneath the ice.
17-18 Barrow Marker. An ivory shrine on a hill marks a large burial site. Whispers and moans on the wind become visible spirits at night. [Sp]
19-20 Hot Spring. Steam and an occasional geyser mark a bubbling pool. Warning markers and signs tell of a curse and hostile spirits.

Beasts of the Fields

For only spider encounters Use 1d10

1d20Beasts of the Fields
1-2 1d3 giant spiders
3-4 1 phase spider
5-6 1 imp in spider form spies on the group.
7-8 2d4 giant wolf spiders
9-10 1d4 spider swarms
11-12 1d4+1 giant wasps or 1 dryad
13-14 1d4 saddled giant lizards (with spider climb variant trait - MM p.326). There are no signs of riders.
15-16 1d3 giant badgers or 1d4 violet fungi
17-18 1d2 black bears or 1d2 giant toads
19-20 2d4 stirges or 2d6 giant fire beetles

NPCs Connected to the Fields

Use these to give quests, as allies, rivals or alternative encounters.

1d20NPCs Connected to the Fields
1-2 Lamiis is a heartbroken elf bandit with many dragon tattoos. They are convinced they have been possessed by their deceased lover.
3-4 Kethra is a haggard druid with a few gemstone teeth and many amulets. They make amulets of bone and fur to ward off spirits. [Sp]
5-6 Glar is an impatient scout with a shield bearing a snarling wolf. They have a wolf companion and a feud with a local shaman. [Wo]
7-8 Snowball is a funny tiefling cult fanatic with crystal horns. She gives any reason to be here but secretly seeks to ally with a frost giant. [Fr]
9-10 Mya is an athletic hobgoblin mercenary with lots of warm clothing. He is outcast from his kind and seeks the wisdom of the spirits.
11-12 Quarion is a jovial half-elf guard with rotting teeth. He loves tales of battles in the fields. He believes he is the cousin of one of the party.
13-14 Miotri is an old werewolf (in human form) with a bright red cloak. She can speak to spirits and wolves and is always seeking favors. [Sp]
15-16 Kao is a hairless acolyte (or priest) of winter with an enormous smile. They seek to uncover the secrets of frost magic tied to the fields. [Fr]
17-18 Atala is a handsome veteran wearing many furs. They hunt and trap furs and are happy to accompany any group into the fields. [Wo]
19-20 Oloric is a creepy dwarf thug with several pigeons. They speak with a raspy voice and are fascinated by tales of the Shadowfell. [Gm]

More Tables

There is a 5e random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as the Ghost Fields.

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