the d12, an Outcast Among Dice

Duncan Thomson

Dice are the simplest of random generators, and the main randomiser for most roleplaying games.

Today's star is the twelve-sided die (d12), an outcast among dice!

Dice Pariah.

The d12 is a lonely die among the polyhedrals of RPGs.

The d6 is everywhere, percentile rolls use the d10 and the d20 has a whole system named after it. The d8 gets good use from longswords, longbows and cure light wounds in D&D. Lastly we know the d4 for it's distinctive shape and fear it when going barefoot.

The d12 is a little harder to find where it shines...

I admit I have a soft spot for the d12 as it was the main die of my first "proper game" in Advanced Heroquest. In fact it was the only die used in the game.

Highlights of the d12

  • In Savage Worlds the d12 is top! Skills are rated by die type, starting at d4 and with d12 as the highest. It's one of many reasons Savage Worlds is a great game.
  • the d12 can be used to simulate a d2, d3, d4 or d6. It can also be used for d8 or d10 but you risk having to re-roll
  • It has a rap band with a very similar name, D12.

Technical Specifications

This d12 rolls well and will produce a number between 1 and 12. Ideally these numbers will be evenly distributed.

Be careful when rolling on a level surface as the d12 can easily go further than expected. You can find an online roller for the d12 if you don't have a real one with you.

Other Facts

double six dice

  • With the DoubleSix Dice you can get d6s shaped as d12s!
  • It is promoted in random encounters tables for D&D 5th edition (along with the d8), which I included in my encounter tables.

If you need more d12s then look at the dice sets from Dice Envy (I'm an affiliate)

dice envy favourites

More d12 Facts?

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