Generators Challenge

Quest for the August Generator Challenge

Duncan Thomson

Your challenge for August is to create a random generator or table related to...quests

This challenge was from August 2019. We had several quest generators created for it.


I've thought about some sort of challenge around creating random generators for a bit and decided to try one for August.

The Challenge

Create a random generator related to Quests. Something a group of characters could might try to tackle/fix/solve.

It's up to you how complex the generator is, whether it is a text-description, a list of elements, a simple random table, a map or something else.

It might be for fantasy, sci-fi or horror. System-neutral or built specifically for system such as Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Starfinder or D&D.

Tell Us About It

Share your progress or generator on Twitter, on the rpg_generators subreddit, in the comments here or send an email to duncan at

I'll put out a last call for generators at end of August and post a blog post early September showing off what we've got. I'll try to put out an update later in August too.

Creating your Own Generator

If you don't already create generators, two options to create your own quests generator are Chartopia and Perchance.

As somewhere to start on Chartopia you can copy a simple quest generator made using shared tables on Chartopia. There is an option to clone the charts or the code is

CHART(4368) wants you to {find|destroy|return|protect|transport} CHART(4372). It involves CHART(8404), CHART(4375) and CHART(8398)

It will create results like "a repulsive moneylender wants you to find an intelligent anvil. It involves a treacherous dragon, a legendary wood and a bleak street" but you can improve it with charts of your own.

For Fun

At the moment this challenge is about seeing what the community can build and encouraging people to create their own generators.

I would love to do these every couple of months if this goes well.

Suggestions and feedback welcome in comments, on rpg_generators or twitter.