Futuristic Tools Generators Challenge Cyberpunk

April Generators Challenge - Cyberpunk

Duncan Thomson

As much of the world is in lockdown it's time for the next Generators Challenge with the genre of Cyberpunk.

Creating a Cyberpunk Generator

Create a RPG generator or random table(s) related to Cyberpunk. As simple or complex as you want it to be.

It might be a robot character generator, a table of mega-corporations or a street encounter tool for megacities.

There is no prize or judging, but I'll cover the cyberpunk creations in a blog post.

Cyberpunk Inspiration

I have a Random Generators Guide to Cyberpunk if you want to see what is out there already.

Roleplaying games such as Cyberpunk, Shadowrun and Interface Zero 2.0 are worth a look. Wikipedia has a list of Cyberpunk films. Reddit has a Cyberpunk Subreddit

Show off Your Creation

Share your cyberpunk creation on rpg_generators at reddit on instagram or in a comment here.

The challenge is in building things for the RPG community so no voting or prizes. We want to see what the gets build and encourage people to create something if they haven't done so before.

Creating Your Own

For places to create generators or charts, two options are Chartopia and Perchance.

Suggestions and feedback welcome in comments, on rpg_generators or twitter.