30 Days of RPG Visual Tools
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30 Days of RPG Visual Tools

Duncan Thomson

Over at the rpg_generators subreddit I'm writing 30 days of Visual Gens (link to list of posts)

And here they are gathered in an article (5 days so far)

Day 1 - Heraldry and Shield Designs

For November I'm posting daily with visual generators for your RPGs. Aiming for no text in end visual. Maps were covered in 31 Days of Map Gens. And lots of gens in 31 Days of RPG Gens. Leave a comment with your favourite visual generators.

  • Draw Shield has a Create a Random Shield page with lots of customisation options to choose from.
  • Iron Arachne has a Heraldry Generator which creates a pretty traditional looking shield with a few filters for the resulting coat of arms .
  • Azgaar has Armoria which creates several shields at once. Under "Options" are all sorts of ways to modify the choice. (including a cool lot of banners)
  • Worldspinner has a Heraldry Artist with an option to "Respin" for a random one
  • Roll for Fantasy also has a Coat of Arms creator, although not with any random elements.

Day 2 - Story Dice, Story Constructor and Random Icons

Rory's Story Dice are fairly well known for giving pictures on dice to give ideas. Onto some online versions...

The RPG Story Constructor has images with text prompts. and the ability to lock some dices / images. And ability to specify fantasy / sci-fi / modern and horror.

ESL Story Dice Online is a simple gen which rolls more mundane images (5 at a time, with option of 9).

I've also built fairly limited ones using game icons for Fantasy (at Chartopia), Cyberpunk (bright colours) and Seas / Pirates (also bright colours). It's a project I've been planning on returning to for a while!

Day 3 - The Myriad Visual Tools of Watabou

The non-map Visual tools of watabou could have taken up several days. But here they are in one post.

Day 4 - Fantasy Character Portraits with DM Heroes

The character generator at DM Heroes is mostly about the Portrait. The portrait (and filters) can be edited with many options (not just from the dnd races)

I've never found a tool that can get equal this one for random character portraits. Without going into AI-gen which will get covered later this month.

Day 5 - Sigils and Teleportation Circles

Today are two generators which take text inputs to help create...

Other sigil and magic circle / teleportation circle suggestions welcome.