Tools of Legend - Fantasy Calendar

Duncan Thomson

For managing your campaign or tracking the events of the PCs try the Fantasy Calendar.

The Tool

Fantasy Calendar gives you a fantasy calendar, choosing from Earth, Forgotten Realms and other presets. It also has options for adding in moon cycles and weather details.

If you have a homebrew world you can enter custom values to create your own calendar.

I'm hoping to start a campaign in Golarion so having a map with weather will help my Pathfinder 2 efforts.

Golarion Calendar

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  • 1. Create a calendar for your current game to keep track of days, events and phases of the moon.
  • 2. Create weather in advance for each day using the weather tab. It's much easier to remember about the weather this way.
  • 3. Give a calendar to the players with ominous events and cryptic omens marked on.
  • 4. Print out and laminate your own homebrew calendar. Maybe you could give them as gifts.
  • 5. Save your own calendar and keep it up to date between adventures and campaigns.

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