Tools of Legend - Dave's Mapper

Duncan Thomson

For one map tool that can do cities and dungeons, fantasy or sci-fi, try Dave's Mapper

The Tool

Dave's Mapper creates tile-based maps for Dungeons, Caverns, Side-View Dungeons, Village, City, Sci-fi Ship and Sci-fi City.

For each map type you can choose the styles of map that you want, sticking with one or two or mashing them up together.

You can also change the map size, specify square or hex grids, change the edge, swap around tiles and replace single tiles.

Below is a Side-View Dungeon map using one style (David Millar) with a width of 3 and height of 1. This is enough for me to build out some sort of multi-level dungeon with a hamlet and tower above it.

Dave's Mapper Side-View Dungeon

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  • 1. Spin up a dungeon and cavern system for your players to explore with a rules-light RPG
  • 2. Use the Sci-Fi Ship with a 2x1 map size and Closed-Edge map structure to create a ship with map to be used by PCs or an enemy craft.
  • 3. Generate a cavern map for online tabletop such as Roll20 or Fantasy Grounds with a grid turned on. Customise it by replacing tiles and selecting just two or three tile-authors.
  • 4. Create a mega-dungeon by making the layout with the Side-View Dungeon and filling it out wit the Dungeon and Cavern generators.
  • 5. Map out a hamlet with the village tool for the PCs to use as a home base or to create a short adventure.

Share Your Favourites

What are your favourite maps from Dave's Mapper?