Tools of Legend - Ancient Quests

Duncan Thomson

For many fantasy generators on one page and a simple interface try Ancient Quests.

The Tool

Ancient Quests is a one page web tool which can generate options for Places, Stories, Items and Effects.

All items are created in the same text box, which can be edited to make adjustments.

For an updcoming game I used an Unsolved Mystery and added a City ("the shunned city of San Op"and a few NPCs.

I started with the town of Fallburn, expanded out the Toad and the Pantry tavern, finding out the barmaid was a doppelganger. Clicking on the landlord Keith Shadowquick it gave me a description and I created a detailed background for him.

Ancient Quests Loot Pile

For more on Ancient Quests read my interview with creator Charlie.

5 Ways to Use the Tool

  • 1. Use it during game prep for ideas and to fill out a few ideas. Good candidates are Dungeons, Quests, Villains and Cities
  • 2. Use it an hour before game time with nothing prepared. Create a few lists of Loot Piles, Magic Items, Shops, Monsters and Rooms and pick out your favourites.
  • 3. Keep it on-hand to create NPCs, Scenes, Loot Piles and Wild Magic Surges during the game
  • 4. Try out the android app version of the tool
  • 5. Use it for campaign and world building. Useful options include World, Gods, Campaign, Nations, Evil Faction, Wilderness and Cities

Share Your Favourites

What things do you find yourself using at Ancient Quests?