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Table Rolls - 5 Room Dungeon Entrance

Duncan Thomson

during a solstice, it is said that the brave or foolish can scale the statue carved into the mountain and find a way into the mountain via it's maw.

What dangers and treasures within?

Generated from the Encounter Challenge (roll of 17, entrance only opens periodically) and Entrance Location tables below (roll of 10, entrance only opens periodically)

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The Entrance of the 5 Room Dungeon

The 5 Room Dungeon is a way of getting a quick adventure consisting of...

  1. An Entrance challenge
  2. A Puzzle or Roleplaying challenge
  3. A Trick or Setback
  4. The Showdown or Big Climax
  5. A Reward or Revelation

Here I have a table for the Entrance Challenge which explains why the people don't come here all the time.

A second table is the Entrance Location which can be used to determine how the Entrance of the 5-room Dungeon is reached.

5 Room Dungeon tables - entrance | puzzles & setbacks | showdown | revelation or twist

Entrance Challenge

1d8+1d12Entrance Challenge
2Multiple exits leading away. The real entrance is either untrapped or the only way deeper
3The entrance is a fake and one large trap. The real entrance is hidden nearby
4There are multiple entrances and only one of them leads to the true dungeon
5The entrance is hazardous and requires special skills or equipment to bypass
6The entrance is a temple or shrine unwilling to let intruders through
7The entrance has an alarm and a dangerous trap or magical ward
8One or more sentries are on watch, part of a larger group off in a side chamber
9The entrance is easy for inhabitants to pass through but not others
10The entrance has a deadly trap or magical ward
11Appears unguarded but a hidden ambush awaits
12The entrance is guarded by one or more creatures
13The entrance has a physical challenge to overcome to gain entry
14A creature has made their lair at the entrance
15The entrance requires a special key or item to open
16The entrance is guarded by one or more creatures who can sound an alarm
17The entrance is only open periodically
18A group of creatures have made their lair at the entrance
19The "entrance" is fake and leads to a monster lair. The real entrance is hidden nearby
20The entrance requires a phrase or ceremony to open

Entrance Location

The entrance is...

1d8+1d12Entrance Location
2a magical portal
3a cave entrance only revealed by low water levels
4an area of mist
5in the basement of a mansion
6a large pair of gates watched by 1d6 oversized statues
7behind a waterfall
8a cave entrance concealed by foliage
9a mineshaft
10a statue mouth
11via carved steps
12a giant monster skull
13over a rope bridge
14at the bottom of a well
15at the bottom of a chasm
16at the bottom of a lake or pool
17at the base of a giant tree
18a puzzle door
19an archway of huge thorns
20a magic mirror

The 5-Room Adventure Generator

These tables are inspired from my 5 Room Adventure generator at EN World (this generator is currently unavailable).

You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @DuncanThom