Spending Gold - DnD Tables from 1 Gold Piece to 1,000 GP

Spending Gold - DnD Tables from 1 Gold Piece to 1,000 GP

Duncan Thomson
"Throw a banquet for ten people. Invite friends and potential quest givers."

Just 100 gold! Tables for Spending Gold for 1 GP, 10 GP, 100 GP and 1,000 gold pieces.

[Art by Rick Hershey at Fat Goblin Games]

Spending Gold

Use for starting characters with spare gold, buying things for one-shots or if you're unsure what to spend loot on.

Inspired by a spending gold generator at ChaosGen.  There is a pdf of these tables at DM's Guild as Spending Gold.

Spending Gold on DM's Guild Dollar Dips Bundle on DM's Guild

Spending 1 Gold Piece

1d20Spending 1 Gold Piece
1 Cook's utensils to cook for group and try to avoid taking a watch.
2 100 candles for light, rituals, atmosphere and romantic meals.
3 Hire 5 locals to be your friends for the day (unskilled hirelings)
4 1000 ball bearings for fun in dungeon fights, urban chases and taverns.
5 1 set of dragonchess for those Short Rests.
6 100 sacks to hold treasure, food and use as emergency clothing.
7 5 gallons of ale from a tavern for making local contacts.
8 10 square yds of canvas to sit on, as waterproof cover or cut into strips.
9 1 goat as a party mascot, beloved pet, trap tester or emergency meal.
10 A 10 foot pole, four sacks, 10 candles, 10 pieces of chalk, two tankards, a waterskin, a signal whistle, 10 torches and 2 oil flasks, a bucket and a bar of soap. To feel prepared for whatever might come your way.
11 A bell to use as an alarm, tie to a prisoner (or rogue) or annoy folk.
12 100 copper pieces to send urchins on errands or drop on the floor.
13 A sprig of mistletoe to fake it as a druid.
14 Fishing tackle for boat trips, finding food and an option for Short Rests.
15 5 pitchers of wine from an inn for making contacts in high society.
16 Woodcarver's tools to whittle torches and sticks on watches and rests.
17 A bag of 20 caltrops to help with running away or preparing a fight area.
18 100 city coach cab trips (or up to 33 miles between towns). Why walk?
19 5 sets of dice and a pack of cards to start off some friendly gambling.
20 Robes to pretend to be a priest or wizard, infiltrate a cult or hide face.

Spending 10 Gold Pieces

1d20Spending 10 Gold Pieces
1 2 horns, 1 flute and 1 shawm to start a group band
2 A bottle of fine wine to be opened at a victory or special occasion.
3 Painter's supplies to redecorate, record landscapes and paint friends.
4 Hire of a great chef (skilled hireling) for 5 days to ensure good meals.
5 2 hunting traps to guard the campsite at night or prepare for a fight.
6 2 pouches, 50 silver pieces and 400 copper pieces to make you look rich.
7 Ten chickens, a pair of goats, a pair of sheep and a pig to start a farm.
8 An aristocratic lifestyle for 1 day, to reward yourself or a friend.
9 1 wand arcane focus, to fake it as a wizard
10 A steel mirror and hooded lantern to check appearance and light shows.
11 A battleaxe for doors, trees, firewood, ropes and as a back-up weapon.
12 2 costumes for disguises, special occasions or to be noticed.
13 A tiger eye gemstone worth 10 gp, as a bribe, gift or because it is pretty.
14 Hire 50 locals for a day (unskilled hirelings) as supporters or as a mob.
15 5 two-person tents to ensure everyone has their own space at night.
16 Send a message (up to 500 miles), to keep in touch with a special NPC.
17 Two vials of perfume to smell nice or disguise the stench of others
18 5 glass bottles for samples of various liquids.
19 A healer's kit and herbalism kit to help keep the group alive.
20 Mason's tools to make alterations to the dungeons you find.

Spending 100 Gold Pieces

1d20Spending 100 Gold Pieces
1 Throw a banquet for ten people. Invite friends and potential quest givers.
2 A flask of alchemist's fire and alchemist's supplies. Experiments await.
3 A riding horse with riding saddle and mule with pack saddle.
4 A magnifying glass for fine details. A classic through the D&D editions.
5 A mud-floored hut (a squalid lifestyle for 1000 days) for a minimal life.
6 A forgery kit, calligrapher's supplies, 2 bottles of ink and 550 sheets of parchment for a revolutionary, political or cunning leafleting campaign.
7 Brewer's supplies, 14 barrels, a wagon and 2 ponies. A great new venture.
8 6 sets of fine clothes and a mirror to look good every day.
9 2 spellbooks. Diary, firewood, coloring book, or add made up spells.
10 Invest in 10,000 copper coins for coin mountains or awkward payments.
11 2 mastiffs (or 1 camel), a set of hide barding and a riding saddle
12 10 silvered arrows for actual and suspected shapechangers.
13 A carriage for the group to travel in style. Available in a variety of colors.
14 Hire 50 mercenaries (skilled hirelings) for a trouble-free day in town
15 A wealthy lifestyle for 25 days, achieving the dream of a life of luxury.
16 10 square yards of silk to make fine clothes, a massive cloak or sleep on.
17 A rowboat, mastiff, 2 hunting traps, net, fishing tackle, a shortbow, a blowgun and ammunition for the all-round hunting experience.
18 A half-share in an elephant for transport which can also destroy gates.
19 4 warrior starter kits (hide armor, two spears, shield, 6 javelins) to start your own mercenary unit or loyal followers.
20 A dose of basic poison. Be sure not to waste it!

Spending 1,000 Gold Pieces

1d20Spending 1,000 Gold Pieces
1 A spyglass to study things from a distance every chance you get.
2 2 chariot pulled by 6 riding horses and a 50 gp trophy. For friendly races.
3 5 doses of drow poison for taking people alive from a distance.
4 100 platinum coins. Because smaller coins are beneath you now.
5 Equip and fund a group of low level adventurers to send on a side quest.
6 An agate for awaken to make a pet or mount smart. Requires a druid.
7 100 cows to serve as friends, a distraction or a stampede.
8 10 x heavy infantry kits (chainmail, shield, morningstar). NPCs are extra.
9 A one-third share of a keelboat. Be careful not to sink it.
10 A saddled warhorse, breastplate, 10 sets of fine clothes, A signet ring. And hire of a valet (skilled hireling) for 15 days to fake it as a noble.
11 An aristocratic lifestyle for 3 months. Receive all kinds of invitations.
12 Ten 100 gp pearls. Used in necklaces, earrings and identify spells.
13 20 potions of healing. A store of value also useful in emergencies.
14 An elephant in splint barding for when things get serious.
15 Rare oils and unguents for reincarnate. Return to life in a new body.
16 A fabulous painting (1000 gp piece of art) of the group
17 Put up ten 100 gp rewards for inane, amusing and speculative quests
18 25 bottles of fine wine, 25 eye agates gemstones (worth 10 gp) and a banquet for 50 people to celebrate a significant life event.
19 Employ 10 skilled hirelings for 50 days to look after your group in style.
20 2 vials of alchemist's fire, 3 potions of healing, 2 vials of basic poison, 2 vials of antitoxin, 4 vials of acid, 4 flasks of holy water, 500 ft silk rope, thieves' tools, a disguise kit and a saddled riding horse. To feel prepared.

More Random Tables

nspired by a spending gold generator at ChaosGen.  There is a pdf of these tables at DM's Guild as Spending Gold.

Spending Gold on DM's Guild Dollar Dips Bundle on DM's Guild