Pet and Companion Traits - Random Tables for Dungeons and Dragons

Pet and Companion Traits - Random Tables for Dungeons and Dragons

Duncan Thomson
A one-legged owl, a badger rescued from a laboratory or a levitating toad

Random tables for pet  and companion traits for D&D.

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Pets and Companions in D&D

A badger with fleas and bugs, an elderly crow, a lizard that likes to eat your shoes or a crab that needs constant attention.

Tables for physical appearance, one word descriptors, how you met your pet, tricks, personality and unusual traits.

What makes your D&D pet different?

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Pets and Companions on DM's Guild Love and Friends Bundle on DM's Guild

Companion Physical Appearance

1d20Companion Physical Appearance
1 They are covered in scars
2 They look thin and underfed
3 They have exotic colored eyes
4 They wear a small bell or other item that makes a noise
5 They wear a collar or other item with their name on
6 They have unexplained scales or hair
7 They have a muzzle or other item covering their mouth or head
8 They are old and it shows
9 They have an unusual coloration
10 They are marked with an elven rune
11 They have fleas or bugs living on them
12 They are very overweight
13 They have very large ears or eyes
14 They are missing a limb or body part
15 They have an extra tail
16 They change their color to match their surroundings
17 They are covered in thick fur or hair
18 They are healthy and vibrant
19 They are injured
20 They have a coat or other item that mostly covers them

Companion One Word Descriptor

1d20Companion One Word Descriptor
1 Dirty
2 Old
3 Colorful
4 Perfect
5 Large
6 Ugly
7 Dark
8 Beautiful
9 Scruffy
10 Furry
11 Small
12 Young
13 Scarred
14 Strange
15 Scaled
16 Elderly
17 Feathered
18 Fat
19 Hairy
20 Gaunt

How You Met Your Companion

1d20 How You Met Your Companion
1-2 You fell in love with them in a shop
3-4 Your family breed this type of creature
5-6 They were given to you by family
7-8 They followed you until you adopted them
9-10 You rescued them from a laboratory or other place
11-12 They belonged to a friend or relation but preferred you instead
13-14 They were a gift from a friend
15-16 You won them in a bet or game
17-18 You got them to replace another beloved companion that is no more
19-20 They were a gift from a lover

Companion Tricks and Habits

1d20Companion Tricks and Habits
1 They love to jump out on people
2 Likes to wake people up during the night
3 They try to spend all their time in or near water
4 Likes to hide shiny things
5 They are very impressive at begging
6 They are always going missing
7 Likes to eat footwear
8 They are always brining you dead things as gifts
9 Always welcome strangers
10 They try to follow you everywhere
11 Will try to eat nearly anything
12 They have one spectacular trick
13 They are always causing some kind of trouble
14 They try to chase things
15 They are always getting muddy
16 Favorite trick is to play dead
17 They jump on you when you are trying to get to sleep
18 They love to play games
19 Likes to hide in difficult to get to places
20 They attack or play with lights

Companion Demeanor and Preferences

1d20Companion Demeanor and Preferences</
1 Gets excited around strangers
2 They love making a mess
3 Likes laying in the sun
4 They love playing with new toys
5 Hates your close friends
6 They are very territorial
7 They love to be held
8 Thinks they are a different type of creature
9 They love to play with children
10 Is loving and dislikes being away from you
11 They like high places
12 Is affectionate and always wants attention
13 They love or hate swimming
14 They are very lazy
15 They won't forgive you for several days if you annoy them
16 They like to be near fire
17 They regard everything as possible food
18 They want to be the center of attention
19 They are very needy
20 They love music and singing

Companion One Word Personality

1d20Companion One Word Personality
1 Inquisitive
2 Docile
3 Playful
4 Sweet
5 Dancing
6 Amusing
7 Excited
8 Friendly
9 Lazy
10 Happy
11 Pampered
12 Excitable
13 Dumb
14 Smart
15 Crazy
16 Affectionate
17 Sleepy
18 Gentle
19 Demanding
20 Aggressive

Companion Magical or Unusual Traits

1d20Companion Magical or Unusual Traits
1-2 They turn invisible when frightened
3-4 They can play or make a tune
5-6 They can fly or levitate
7-8 It has been reanimated
9-10 They sometimes glow with a dim light and are resistant to fire damage
11-12 They are always getting lost but turn up in the strangest of places
13-14 They have a limited form of telepathy that can convey emotions within 30 ft
15-16 They are decades old and have existing far longer than should be possible
17-18 They can speak but only know four phrases.
19-20 They know and can cast one cantrip (use Charisma for spellcasting)

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For more Pets try the Pet Generator. Or there is a pdf of  Pet and Companions random tables on DM's Guild

Pets and Companions on DM's Guild Love and Friends Bundle on DM's Guild