Chaos Planes Encounters for Dungeons and Dragons
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Chaos Planes Encounters for Dungeons and Dragons

Duncan Thomson
A bull-headed humanoid is roaring in anger. and swinging its axe at things only it can see. It glows with a purplish energy that sticks to things nearby. Is it infected with a kind of madness? Is the energy controlling it somehow?

Simple encounters for Planes of Chaos from Collected Encounters.

Tables for Chaos Planes Encounters (levels 1-4 & levels 5-10), Encounter Details and Chaos Planes Creatures.

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The Chaos Planes are places of slaads and demons, of chance and conflict. Of cosmic storms, mutating creatures, confusion and shifting energies,

In the Great Wheel Cosmology these planes include the Beastlands, Arborea, Ysgard, Limbo, Pandemonium, the Abyss and Carceri.

Chaos Planes Encounters (Levels 1-4)

1d20Chaos Planes Table lvl 1-4
1 1d2 priests of a chaotic deity or 1 illusionist (VGtM)
2 1d4 anarchic giant toads (CN alignment, Int 6) or 1d6 darklings (VGtM)
3 1d2 gibbering mouthers or roll on Chaotic Creatures lvl 1-4
4 1d3 gargoyles or 1d4 vargouilles (VGtM)
5 1 cult fanatic with 2d4 cultists or roll on Abberations lvl 1-4
6 1d6 shadows or a storm of flashing colors is approaching
7 1d3 githzerai monks or 1d3 rutterkin (MToF)
8 1d4 quasits or roll on Chaotic Creatures lvl 1-4
9 1 minotaur or 1d2 enlightened martial arts adepts (VGtM)
10 1 succubus/incubus or roll on Planar Travelers lvl 1-4
11 A bell starts to ring at random or 1 derro savant (MToF)
12 1d2 berserkers on perytons or 1d4 quicklings (VGtM)
13 1d6 magmins or roll on Chaotic Creatures lvl 1-4
14 1d3 will-o'-wisps or 1d3 darkling elders (VGtM)
15 1 babau or roll on Demons lvl 1-4
16 Adventurers from a portal - 1d2 thugs, 1 spy, 1 druid and 1 noble or 1d6 xvarts (VGtM) led by 1 xvart warlock of Raxivort (VGtM)
17 1 knight infected with a slaad tadpole or 1d2 leucrotta (VGtM)
18 1d3 pegasi or roll on Chaotic Creatures lvl 1-4
19 1d2 faerie dragons (any color) or 2d4 derro (MToF)
20 1 red slaad or 1 star spawn mangler (VGtM)

Chaos Planes Encounters (Levels 5-10)

1d20Chaos Encounter Table lvl 5-10
1-2 1 drow priestess with 1 shield golem or roll on Planar Travelers lvl 5-10
3-4 1d3 blue slaads or roll on Slaads lvl 5-10
5-6 1 djinni or it starts to rain glowing fish
7-8 1 githzerai zerth and 1d4 githzerai monks or 1 eladrin (any type - MToF)
9-10 1 vrock and 1d4 babaus or roll on Demons lvl 5-10
11 A light appears and starts dragging objects and creatures to it or 1 warlock of the great old one (VGtM) with 2d4 cultists
12 1d6 berserkers on pegasi or 1d4 red slaads
13 1d2 green slaads or 1 morkoth (VGtM)
14 1 spirit naga or 1d2 howlers (MToF)
15 1d2 hezrous or 1d3 armanites (MToF)
16 1 death slaad or 1 githzerai enlightened (MToF)
17 1d2 cloakers or 1 stone giant dreamwalker (VGtM)
18 1d3 githzerai zerths or 1 star spawn hulk (MToF)
19 1 gray slaad or 1 annis hag (VGtM) with 1d2 trolls
20 1 nalfeshnee or 1 githzerai anarch (MToF)

Encounter Details (Levels 1-4)

Use 1d10 for beasts and non-sentient creatures.

1d20They are... (or one is...)
1 having fun or injured
2 attracting a lot of attention (or trouble)
3 lost or exploring
4 glowing with energy in an area of fluctuating gravity)
5 near a swirling mist (or a rune-covered floating rock)
6 marked by (or bearing symbols of) a chaos deity
7 confused or making a lot of noise
8 fleeing something
9 on a journey
10 in a circle of fire turning to stone (or pulsating portal)
11 meditating (or confused)
12 infected with a slaad egg (or a magical disease)
13 lost in an energy storm
14 overwhelmed by emotion (or chaotic energies)
15 laughing or controlling the area around them with their mind
16 talking to a trickster or planar traveler
17 lost in the moment or trying to catch a planar wave
18 playing a game that has no apparent rules
19 engaged in extreme physical activity
20 carrying a cloak of displacement (or a potion of heroism)

Chaotic Creatures (Levels 1-4)

1d20Chaotic Creatures lvl 1-4
1-2 1d3 githzerai monks or 1d4 vargouilles (VGtM)
3-4 1d2 poltergeists or 1d4 quicklings (VGtM)
5-6 2d4 dretches or 1d3 pseudodragons
7-8 1d4 rogue quadrones or 1 slithering tracker (VGtM)
9-10 1d6 magmins or 1d6 darklings (VGtM)
11-12 2d4 shifting swarms of insects or 1d3 pegasi
13-14 1d2 gibbering mouthers or 1d4 specters
15-16 1d4 quasits or 1 color-shifting black pudding (fly 50 ft)
17-18 1d4 anarchic tigers (CN alignment, int 6) or 2d6 manes
19-20 1 red slaad or 1 barlgura

Slaads (Levels 5-10)

1d20Slaads lvl 5-10
1-3 1d4 red slaads
4-5 1d3 blue slaads
6-7 1d2 green slaads
8-10 1 blue slaad with 1d2 red slaads
11-13 1 green slaad and 1 red slaad with a humanoid infected by a slaad egg
14-16 1 death slaad disguised as an elf or 1 green slaad with 1 blue slaad
17-19 1 gray slaad
20 1 grey slaad with 1d2 red slaads

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More tables at Collected Encounters on DM's Guild

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