Underdark Encounters for 5E Dungeons and Dragons

Underdark Encounters for 5E Dungeons and Dragons

"A few bats flit about you and into a vertical shaft ahead leading up and down. Far more bats are visible in the shaft and one starts speaking to you..."

Where does the shaft go? What does the bat have to say?

Generated from the Underdark Locations and Underdark Levels 1-4 (roll of 18, 1d2 bat swarms) below. Enhanced with the Encounter Complications table (roll of 20, one of them is awakened or under a geas).

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Underdark Encounters

The Underdark is a place of twisting tunnels, constant darkness and strange magic. Encounters might occur in a forest of fungi, amid giant stalactites or by the side of a gaping chasm.

The Underdark is it's own world away from the surface civilisations, a place of elemental earth and gates to far realms. They are home to fungi creatures, the dark elves and aberrations from the Far Realms

There is a 5e underdark random encounter generator at ChaosGen. And also a pdf of these and more tables at the DM's Guild as Table Rolls - Underdark Encounters.

Underdark Table Rolls on DM's Guild Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

Underdark Encounter Tables - creatures | locations | non-combat | complications

Underdark Levels 1-4

1d8+1d12Underdark Levels 1-4
21 Intellect Devourer as host in a Dark Elf
31d3 Gray Oozes or Shriekers
41 Minotaur or Otyugh
52d6 Drow with 1d4 Goblin slaves
61d4+1 Duergar or Bugbears
72d4+2 Giant Centipedes or Stirges
82d6 Kuo-toa led by a Kuo-toa Whip
91d6+1 Darkmantles or Piercers
102d6 Troglodytes or Grimlocks
112d4 Giant Bats or Giant Lizards
121d3 Carrion Crawlers or Gricks
131d3 Quaggoth(s) or Ogres
141d4 Giant Spiders or Giant Toads
152d6 Giant Fire Beetles or Flumphs
161d4+1 Duergar with 1d4 Commoner slaves
172d6 Gas Spores or Violet Fungi
181d2 Bat Swarm(s) or Phase Spiders
192d4 Deep Gnomes (Svirfneblin)
201d2 Grells or Nothics

Underdark Levels 5-10

1d8+1d12Underdark Levels 5-10
23d6 Kuo-toa and 1d4 Kuo-toa Whips lead by an Archpriest
32d6 Wights or Gargoyles
42d4 Hook Horrors
51 Aboleth with 2d4 Kuo-toa
61d4 Salamanders
71d4+2 Quaggoths led by a Quaggoth Thonot
81d4+1 Chuuls
91d4 Umber Hulks
101d2 Ropers with 2d4 Piercers
11Roll on Underdark Levels 1-4
121d3 Stone Giants or Earth Elementals
131 Drow Mage with 2d6 Drow
141d2 Mind Flayers and 2d6 Quaggoths
152d4 Phase Spiders or Hell Hounds
161d4+2 Gricks led by a Grick Alpha
171d3 Driders with 2d6 Giant Spiders
181d4 Beholder Zombies
191d4 Vampire Spawn or Xorns
201 Spirit Naga

Underdark Levels 11+

1d8+1d12Underdark Levels 11+
21 Death Tyrant
31d3+1 Cloakers
42d4 Umber Hulks
51 Yochlol with 1d4+2 Drow Elite Warriors
62d4 Salamanders
71d2+1 Aboleth with 1d4 Chuul
81 Beholder
91d3+1 Fomorians
101 Drow Priestess of Lolth with 2d4 Drow Elite Warriors
11Roll on Underdark Levels 5-10
121 Purple Worm
132d4 Stone Giants
141d3 Mind Flayers and 1 Mind Flayer Arcanist
151 Dao with 1d3 Earth Elementals
161 Behir
172d4 Xorns
181d4+1 Fire Giants
191 Beholder and 2d4 Duergar
201 Young Red Shadow Dragon

More Encounters

If you really like them check out the PDF version at the DM's Guild as Underdark Table Rolls or other underdark pdfs on the guild

Underdark Table Rolls on DM's Guild Terrain Encounters Bundle for 5e

These tables inspired my 5E underdark encounters generator at Chaos Gen.

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