Non-Combat Wilds and Ruins Encounters for D&D

A scholarly noble with a riding horse is collecting insects and plants a book they are writing. 

Non-Combat Encounters using creatures from the D&D Monster Manual. For wilds and ruins.

Wilderness and Ruins

Non-Combat Encounters for wilds and ruins, from elves building a treehouse to a ghost offering a ruins tour.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Non-Combat Creature Encounters Love and Friends Bundle

Non-Combat Encounter Tables - wilds & ruins | underground | travelers | city & village | level 1-10 | level 11+ | orcs

Non-Combat Encounters for Wilderness

1d20Non-Combat Encounters for Wilderness
1 A saddled hippogriff has a broken wing. Eaten corpse of its rider but still hungry. Protecting a pack but bonds with anyone that offers food
2 Several commoners, acolytes and tribal warriors are heading to a secluded spot to dance, smoke herbs and have fun. Invite group along.
3 A clay golem is collecting lots of one type of plant to take to it's owner
4 A few elven scouts are building a tree-house. Grateful for any help
5 A giant goat has a nose ring and brand of a giant. Curious about group
6 Several lizardfolk ask group to act as witnesses for a wedding. Between a lizardfolk shaman and a satyr. Welcome them to join in the feasting
7 A few orcs (perform +2, no greataxes) are practicing musical instruments away from others. Will try to play songs for the characters
8 An injured raven is caught in a snare. It is carrying a written message in Elven to a nearby sage
9 Several kenku and kobolds are engaged in a climbing contest, with the prize of some trinket. Others are welcome to join or watch
10 Two wights try communing with nature. It was last command they had.
11 A very serious pixie lectures travelers on the proper ways to respect the wilds. Highlights fire risks, potential pollution and imbalances in nature
12 A scholarly noble with a riding horse is collecting insects and plants a book they are writing.
13 Several vultures follow group, stealing scraps and scavenging from them
14 A few goblins are planting trees, collecting discarded objects and tending a garden. Their clan has been taken over by a powerful druid
15 An out of place yeti speaks excellent Common and offers to guide them around the area. Claims to live in area under protection of a local dragon
16 A few blink dog pups worry at an adult's corpse. Unusual arrows slew it
17 Ruloth's Enterprise are two guards and Ruloth, a cultist. They've been lost for two days looking for a tavern where prospective adventurers go.
18 A pack of baboons (or twig blights) follow the group, offering them flowers, pretty rocks and other trinkets.
19 An ogre wants to become a druid and searches for one to learn from
20 A young silver dragon is looking for an entrance to the Feywild nearby. Old songs and tales say it is in the area.

Non-Combat Encounters for Ruins

1d20Non-Combat Encounters for Ruins
1 A few acolytes led by a pious knight are performing a religious rite
2 Several deep gnomes are singing songs around a campfire. They come to the surface once a decade to see the stars.
3 An ettin guards part of the ruins but heads argue over where and the ettin always moves around. Asks characters where it should guard
4 A few mirthful kobolds watch over an array of traps. Designed to make mess (paint, oil, insects, etc) rather than harm. Part of a rite of passage.
5 An androsphinx guards a planar portal. It offers the party a boon if they can find people worthy of taking its tests and quests
6 A pair of industrious ogres are restoring some of the ruins and have a good supply of wood, stone, tools and other building supplies
7 A talking crab claims to be a powerful sorcerer cursed by a local hag. It has a fly speed of 30 feet.
8 A ghast is obsessed with lore of the ruins and is investigating with a magnifying glass. Usually kills snakes for food.
9 An orphaned silver dragon wyrmling is looking for a place to call home
10 A renegade mind flayer arcanist is curious about wizardry on the surface world and is keen to find a place they can study and experiment.
11 A mummy is desperate to retrieve stolen item it was protecting. Speaks Common, offering ancient lore in exchange for scouting nearby villages
12 An adult blue dragon (or copper dragon) is curious about an entrance it is too large for. Wants the party to scout beyond the entrance for it.
13 A doppelganger pretends to be a powerful druid and gives dire warnings. Actually keeps watch on ruins for another local group.
14 A sad-looking brown bear is dying of a disease caught from in the ruins
15 Spirits celebrate an annual festival. A ghost offers a tour of the ruins
16 A duergar is making map of ruins. Avoids fights and tries finishing map
17 A patrol of tribal warriors led by a half-ogre are having a meal break here
18 The Foolish Five are guarding campsite of more powerful adventurers. They are a guard, 2 thugs, a lizardfolk shaman and githzerai monk.
19 Two yuan-ti malisons are here for few days of prayer and mediation and are not looking for trouble. They try to escape as snakes if threatened
20 A axe beak (or rhinoceros) with a with a saddle and barding has lost its rider. It is used to company and seeks someone to look after it

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Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Non-Combat Creature Encounters Love and Friends Bundle