Non-Combat D&D Encounters for Road and Travelers

A scout and a berserker are just married and ask for local sites to visit

Non-Combat Encounters using creatures from the D&D Monster Manual. For road, trails and travelers.

Road, Trail and Travelers

Non-Combat Encounters for roads and trails, from patrols of guards to giant singing tales. Or you can choose from travelers to be found almost anywhere, wandering the lands.

Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Non-Combat Creature Encounters Love and Friends Bundle

Non-Combat Encounter Tables - wilds & ruins | underground | travelers | city & village | level 1-10 | level 11+ | orcs

Non-Combat Encounters for Road and Trail

1d20Non-Combat Encounters for Road and Trail
1 A few hobgoblin mercenaries are having a celebratory feast. Invite party to join them before they look for next work.
2 A patrol of a few scouts (or veterans) are led by a mage (or young brass dragon). They are relaxed and dismiss any worries of trouble
3 Several bandits led by a bandit captain are asking about an armored wagon they are planning to rob. They are worried they've missed it.
4 A thri-kreen with a camel is lost and holding a crude map upside down
5 Several vultures feast on a messenger's body. They died falling off their mount. A note in elven with a map is among the messages.
6 A centaur is stopping travelers to make crude wood carvings of them.
7 Several acolytes, tribal warriors and guards are making a pilgrimage into the wilds. they don't seem prepared for a dangerous journey
8 A strange armored wagon is pulled by 1 triceratops (or hydra) and driven by two lizardfolk (or yuan-ti) . It is carrying weapons for their clan.
9 A unarmed wight is a historian researching local tales. Runs if in danger.
10 A dryad seeks allies to fight a great evil. Offers magical beans as reward
11 A raven is intently studying monster tracks on the trail. They are the familiar of a nearby green hag (or guardian naga)
12 1 exhausted tribal warrior is carrying a message requesting aid. Their mount collapses as it passes the party.
13 A pair of satyrs have a bet on which is funnier. Ask travelers to judge
14 The wagon of a commoner merchant is guarded by an acolyte, a guard and a spy. Ask group if they are real adventurers and beg for stories
15 Several kenku are begging for food, scraps or work from the roadside.
16 A knight is traveling with several commoner squires and servants. They ask the group of any local threats that a brave warrior might vanquish
17 Six heavily laden elephants are protected by a talkative stone giant trader
18 A scout and a berserker are just married and ask for local sites to visit
19 Several skeletons are repairing the road commanded by a priest. They do not fight and the priest will flee if attacked
20 An nycaloth asks if they need protecting. They have be set to keep this section of road safe by a greater power.

Non-Combat Encounters for Travelers and Wanderers

1d20Non-Combat Encounters for Travelers and Wanderers
1 An aarakocra is drawing a map of the area. Lands to add to the map
2 A pacifistic oni (dimenson door replaces cone of cold) appearing as a half-orc sells potions, trinkets and toolkits to remote locations
3 An invisible stalker has a letter for one of the group. Can wait for reply
4 A constantly singing wererat has been outcast from their pack. They can only return when they know more songs and can actually sing well.
5 A traveling djinni seeks unusual sights and tales. Asks advice of group
6 A few cultists (or druids) enjoy an impressive view. They belong to a strange cult that believes in self-improvement by experiencing nature
7 A knight is on a pilgrimage to a remote shrine. They ride a dire wolf
8 A manticore is heading to a local creature's lair to look after it for a month. Asks group about the surrounding area and possible dangers
9 A pair of doppelgangers appear as locals and try to sell nearby ruins or a landmark to the group. Possess forged deeds in Common or Dwarven.
10 A harpy and a hobgoblin captain are in love and going for a romantic trip
11 An awakened elk (or axebeak) migrating with others of its kind. Stops for a chance of company and conversation in Common (or Elven)
12 A mage (magic circle replaces cone of cold) and guards working out location. Arrived at a magic circle in nearby ruins. It's the wrong place.
13 A kenku is seeking a likely place to test artificial wings to let if fly
14 A half-red dragon veteran (or other dragon type) is visiting nearby family
15 Two married frost giants are pulling a sled loaded with wood. Having a loud argument about which direction to go in. Ask others to mediate.
16 A bard (use spy stats with Perform +5) is drawing the scenery. They are very interested in the group and offer to compose a song about them.
17 An optimistic bandit (or veteran) has hunted down group to offer their services as a torchbearer, guard, cook or other hireling
18 The ghost of a priest walks the same long journeys as when it was alive. Happy to talk of a religion long dead and past events and tales
19 A kindly priest and a few acolytes roam the land helping those in need
20 Several tribal warriors are running, training for a long endurance event

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Inspired by my D&D Encounter Generator and available on DM's Guild as Non-Combat Creature Encounters - Random Tables

Non-Combat Creature Encounters Love and Friends Bundle