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Interview with Emily of Fantasy Name Generators on Translation and Tools

Duncan Thomson

I go with the flow of the game and what the players offer me. I enjoy this more fluid type of play.

A follow-up interview with Emily of Fantasy Name Generators and Roll for Fantasy. The first interview is from summer 2018

Q&A 2 with Emily of Fantasy Name Generators

What's new since the first interview? [Summer 2018]

A whole lot. The Spanish translation, for starters. Plenty of new name generators, too, in every category available on my site.

Which tools and Articles would you highlight for people unfamiliar with Roll For Fantasy?

Most people use the map creator and the armor / weapon creators, so probably those.

What were the motivations behind the generator translations?

Making the site more available to people who don't speak English well enough otherwise, and to have fun with creating names in different languages.

What have been the challenges of doing the french and spanish translations? Mostly the extra work it adds, even after they're done, and having to do a lot of it manually rather than being able to automate the process.

Superhero Names in French

Where you mention not being able to automate the French and Spanish translations, is that not being able to automate translations of the Names / content? or the patterns used?

Both/all of the above.

Some smaller parts can be automated, but I usually always have to go in and change parts of each page manually either due to a lack of built-in infrastructure (I never thought I'd be adding translations when I created my sites), or because they either can't be automated or I haven't figured out how to yet (probably the latter).

Was there rewriting of the code because of some of the language-specific challenges? (such as adjectives in Spanish changing because of gender)

Somewhat. More adding different rules to deal with how adjectives are pluralized differently and how definite articles can change in these languages based on the first character of the following word.

How do you prepare for an RPG game?

Usually write a rough outline, mostly to memorize the main points, as well as some notes to make sure I can reference important information as needed.

Other than that I go with the flow of the game and what the players offer me. I enjoy this more fluid type of play.

Which generator(s) have been the most fun to write and why?

I enjoyed the Quenya and Sindarin name generators in terms of getting the translations right, I enjoyed the creativity of the season name generator as I didn't think this generator would be all that viable before I started working on it. Some name generators using other languages, like the Chinese dragon, titan and Norse raven name generators are a lot of fun as well.

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