Tools and Tables of the 2021 Generators Jam

Duncan Thomson

Tools and tables of the Generators Jam held in June 2021.

There's an interview with Will of Long Games who organised it.

Any System

any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • The Eldritch Abomination Generator from superobot1 creates abominable alien entities, demonic creatures and other monsters in a 5 page pdf. It has a 7 short tables to create the menace including Sense Organs, Body Shape, Method of Movement, Unique Feature, Method of Attack, Defense Mechanism and Environmental "Tell"
  • Magic Misfires from Gallus has a system-neutral method for magical mishaps in a single page pdf. There are 12 d10 tables which cover who is affected and what happens to them. My mishap had an ally affected for 10 seconds, losing whatever they were holding.
  • Dealing Fate by Matthew Eaton creates character backgrounds in a 5 page pdf. It uses a deck of playing cards (with jokers) and a related table, drawing cards in a quick process to determine the Past, the Present and the Future.
  • The Otherworldly Weather Generator from Metaparadox is a set of tables for really weird storms in a 4 page pdf. In a set of 3 d20 tables. I got signs of the storm of "All sapient beings begin to behave with abnormal politeness and formality", then "The rains become tinted with the colors of anything solid they touch, and are collected as dyes and paints for use after the storm." and aftermath of "Soft, distant music fills the air, but no one can tell what direction it comes from."
  • The Random Color Gen by Matthew Eaton has a Dice version and a Card version, providing colors in a single page pdf. The dice version has a 4 column chart using d4 and d20 for 80 shades, each with a name and the color shown in the entry. The card version has 13 rows for 52 colors. I used dice to get gunmetal armour and mustard-coloured laser beams.


any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • Whodunit by Wym Lawson details an urban murder mystery in a 6 page pdf. It has 8-column d12 tables for Urban and Fantasy mysteries, with 2 d100 tables to help determine the victim's and murderer's personality. My Urban Mystery had a professional victim murdered in their workplace. They were discovered by a cleaner. There was a footprint and the victim was posed after being bludgeoned to death. The murderer was a distant relative and killed them because of jealousy...
  • Last Call by BROADHEAD is a system-agnostic tavern generator in a 10 page pdf. It has interesting d6 and d8 tables for the venue, calling card, style, amenities, proprietor, neighborhood, hospitality, vibe, clientale and traits. Several are grids using 2 dice.
  • the Quick Guild Generator from Matthew Eaton creates a fantasy guild using a 1 page pdf. It uses a standard deck of playing cards, using one card each for Guild Info, Guild Structure and Guild Health.
  • The Vampire Generator by Matthew Eaton creates quick vampires in a 1 page pdf. It uses a deck of cards to determine age, power, brood and size of empire. I got a 50-year old vampire of strong power, with a brood of nine disloyal servants and a tiny kingdom to rule.
  • Gaslamp Oracles from eskur is an "industrial fantasy oracle for discerning thieves, rogues and ne'er-do-wells" using an online generator with 5 elements. It has buttons for Action / Theme ("discover defence"), Descriptor / Focus ("sacred creature"), Character Motivation ("understanding"), Character Personality ("methodical, obsessive, witty") and Character Impression ("somber")


any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • Cloudy with a Chance of Fireballs from swordandsource is a online random spell generator for fantasy games. It's detailed with lore, area, effect but also ritual, recharge and catastrophe sections. I got the "Forgotten Field of Puneus" which hurls a deafening field and leaves permanent marks on the landscape.
  • Dungeon Trappings by lbonnette helps to create a themed dungeon in an 11 page pdf. It follows a detailed five step process starting with Location and Trappings which together describe the theme. Then moving onto dungeon layout and creating descriptors and challenges for each room. I like the use of 2d6 to determine number and layout of rooms in a dungeon!
  • Life in the Valley from Ivan Coluchi creates everyday tasks for idle adventurers in a 2 page pdf. It uses 3 random tables and I got a "Strong and sturdy baker" asks them to "settle a land dispute due to a blown-down fence" with a reward of" a back of camping equipment"
  • No Landlubbers Allowed from Weird Blue Yonder is a collection of tables for ships and pirates in a 23 page pdf. Included are A Random Day at Sea, A Random Privateer, Thirty-Six Tall Ships and a Trove of Questionable Worth.
  • Strange Ailments by SmallRedRobin13 is a curse generator in a 2-page pdf. There are three d4 tables for Ailments of the Mouth, Ailments of the Skin or Other Ailments. A d12 can be used to get a result from any of them. My ailment was "Neck Mount - Your head is replaced with that of an animal. You can still speak normally". Sounds inconvenient.
  • The Nemesis Generator from La Taverne de Babel creates interesting adversaries for fantasy rpgs in a 3-page pdf. It has 5 d10 tables for Race, Motivation, Archtype, Organisation / Allies and Behaviour, plus a 1d8 table for Endeavor
  • Awkward Treasures from duncan_chaos (me) creates fantasy treasures that are awkward for characters, using a 1-page pdf. It has d10 tables for quick Awkward Treasures, Treasure Descriptors, and two tables for why a particular treasure might be awkward.

Dating and Romance

any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • Create A Prospect from 52 Dates from Cadera makes RPGs is an rpg system about going on a blind date, using an 8 page pdf. It has a detailed system for the date and uses a deck of cards with draws for names, pronouns, and traits of the prospects
  • QGen by Cadera makes RPGs creates random queer npcs for any rpg system in a 21 page pdf. It uses a series of random tables (of varying dice) around gender, open/hidden, pronouns, attractions, appearance, style and optional biases/bigotries . The source code can be found on github.
  • [NSFW] The Cyber Lewdness Generator from Velvet creates cyborg-themed porn games and sex practices. Your characters might see "Augmented Lube" or overhear someone talking about an "algorithmic hole"


any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • Shards of the Worldforge by Clasm is a system neutral deck of cards for worldbuilding, in a 6-page pdf along with a usage guide in a 5-page pdf. The cards each contain a terrain picture and can be used in square or hex format. Each also contains elements for time, weather, quests and narrative. A couple of systems are provided for creating areas with the cards.
  • Maps of Hasty Generation by ClutchFumble creates a spontaneous map with instructions in a 3-page pdf. It uses a grid paper (or a spreadsheet), 2d6 and a d4 with a system of regions and die rolls. It has sections for plains, mountains, forests, water, settlement and desert.
  • the Cosmic Dust System Generator from Matthew Eaton details a star system in a 2 page pdf. It uses a deck of cards and related tables to determine suns, planets, life and moons. Supertables from Xander Hinners creates superpowers using a 2 page pdf (or text file). It has four d6 tables for Method, Domain, Limitation and Repercussion plus advice on how to use the tables.
  • System Roll from Matthew Eaton is a star system creation detailed in a single page pdf. It uses 20d6 to place asteroid fields, stars, planets, bases/hubs, space fleets and gateways.
  • Keep Roll from Matthew Eaton creates a castle or keep using dice and a 1 page pdf. A simple system that uses 9d12 to give the elements of your keep.

Blades in the Dark

any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • The Sunless Seasons by esker is a cinematic weather system for Blades in the Dark in a 13 page pdf. It uses a system of hex flowers. Each hex has different weather. Using dice to determine which starting hex and then what hex to move to from them when the weather changes
  • The Devil's Almanac by Michael Elliot is a collection of Devil's Bargains for Blades in the Dark in a 12 page pdf. It has a series of d6 tables divided by General Bargains, District Bargains, Character Bargains, Crew Bargains and Score Bargains
  • Doskvol Oracle from disquisition is an onine tool creating NPCs for Blades in the Dark. I got "Vaurin Clermont (he/him) is a lovely Akorosi goat herd who has a prosthetic limb and wears an apron and fitted leggings. He has recently been learning more about natural philosophy. He’s elitist and has a chronic illness that requires frequent care."
  • Silkshore: District of Debauchery by RobotFrancis is a set of generators for Blades in the Dark using a 9 page pdf. It has a guide and d66 table of venues with entries for Clientele, Atmosphere, Entertainment and Secrets. With additional d6 tables for Silkshore Scores (jobs).

Specific Systems

any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • Chicken Hatcher by Dave Menninger is a chicken generator for Mausritter in a 1-page pdf. It uses draws from a deck of standard playing cards to determine Name, Coloration and Breed. There is also a d6 table of adventure hooks
  • TheQuick Character Generator by Matthew Eaton creates NPCs for Pathfinder or DnD using a text-rich 1 page pdf. It has a quick walkthrough for dice to use for stats, with quick descriptions for different ability scores.
  • Smithy of Sacrilege Character Generator from Sinfrax in an online generator that creates characters for Smithy of Sacrilege. It includes name, background, occupation, aspiration, stats and items.


any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

  • Swellbloom Kids by Lampara Games PH is a system and adventure generator based on Philippine folklore in a 14 page pdf. There is an accompanying tarot deck called Island Cards. It has d6 tables scattered throughout for elements of a scenario.
  • The Fantasy Tea Generator from npckc which generates tea names as a generator. There is meant to be a pdf (but I couldn't find one when I looked). My tea was Bittersweet Evening. Looking at the leaves I saw "All four tea leaves point up. Luck smiles brightly upon you."
  • Symptoms from holgerdansk is a disease generator for ttrpgs in a 3 page pdf. It's a work in progress and currently there is a d30 table with symptoms listed and several with further information.
  • Exotic Weapons Machine from GRAN creates exotic melee and thrown weapons in a 2 page pdf (word and .rar also available). It uses a series of d6 and d8 tables.

Paid Tools and Tables

any system | urban | fantasy | romance | maps | blades in the dark | by rpg | other | paid

Some products are paid products which I've yet to download, but going by the descriptions.

  • Go Beyond You by Secession Cycles creates mod and implants for a character or other futuristic entity in a pdf. It uses d20 tables and is intended for the "What is So Cool About Jam" but adaptable for other systems.
  • Library of Sentient and Non-Sentient Books from Long Games is a book generator for fantasy systems in a 7 page pdf. It uses a d20 table of books and results.
  • Lake Town Blues by theinstagrahame is a system agnostic game to create a lakeside town that can fit on a business card.

Finishing Up

I'll probably play around with the categories and classifications.

Any suggestions or feedback welcome. In comments or on the randroll Discord