Name Rolls - Combined Place Tables [Updated]

Duncan Thomson

Grimhold, New Grimhold, Grimhold Gate, Hound's Hold, Miri's Hold...

A Mix of Names!

Many fantasy places have a English-sounding names, English words or a combination of these.

These are demonstrated in Game of Thrones with names like Winterfell, Harrenhal, Gulltown and King's Landing,

The names tables I've created have a mix of these, combining the options in columns in Start and End tables, Suffix and Prefix tables, Beast and Creature tables or Role and Person tables

A Table for Place Name...Tables

The table below combines gives several ways of joining fantasy place names, adding a word before or after. Giving some distinction are options with a creature type or person's name. Each column has two examples ready to use!

The keywords refer the following tables

Full Fantasy Place Names...

1d20Place Name FormatExample 1Example 2
1Start (word) + End (word)GrimfallSharpford
2Start (word) + End (sound)BrimburtonBuckcham
3Start (word) + End (fantasy)HornsongLakeguard
4Start (sound) + End (word)TorrwellColwick
5Start (sound) + End (sound)OsendenRilwyn
6Start (sound) + End (fantasy)FelgroveHarrenreach
7Start (fantasy) + End (word)StarholdMooncliff
8Start (fantasy) + End (sound)HammerbyDeepshaw
9Start (fantasy) + End (fantasy)DaggerbreakerSilvertower
10Prefix + Space + Start (any) + End (any)North SandheadHigher Oswood
11Start (any) + End (any) + Space + SuffixBramhaven GateFlamechester Mere
12Start (fantasy) + Space + SuffixDagger WoodRune Isle
13Beast + 's + Space + SuffixCrow's HallStag's Rush
14Beast + End (any)OwlmoreSnakefinger
15Creature + 's + Space + Suffix Hag's SpireHound's Gate
16Creature + End (any)HarelingtonWolfscross
17Person + 's + Space + SuffixUrth's FerryJalana's Mill
18Person + s + End (any)PradirsgardenMirisridge
19Role + 's + Space + SuffixKing's BeaconBeggar's Vale
20Role + End (any)WitchhallSoldiersvale

More Names

These tables are inspired from my Fantasy Place Names generator at EN World. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators