Interview with Tamzin and Matt of Untold Encounters
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Interview with Tamzin and Matt of Untold Encounters

Duncan Thomson
Matt is also very happy he got to write an entire chapter on dungeon doors. Having played in his games for years now I can say with confidence that he loves messing with doors!

Interview Questions with Tamzin and Matt who wrote Untold Encounters of the Random Kind (drivethru rpg link). A system-neutral book of random encounters.

They are also behind Loke Battle Maps.

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Q&A With Creators of Untold Encounters

What was the inspiration behind Untold Encounters?

Tamzin: We have found random tables to be super useful in our home games just to keep things moving and introduce some new and different ideas.

Having used them for a few games we started to write up some of our own ideas that had worked well when we played them, and it went from there!

Matt: We found random encounters so fun that we wrote new editions to go with some of our map books as part of their Kickstarters, they were really well received so we decided to go all out and make a comprehensive 340-page hardback book of encounters.

How did you get into RPGs?

Matt: It was in junior school in the 80’s after reading a whole bunch of Fighting Fantasy and Lone Wolf books then picking up the Red Box D&D set and running games with my friends. I’ve not really stopped since and have had many long campaigns in all manner of RPG systems over the years.

What random tables are you most proud of creating and why?

Matt: As far as the way the tables work, I’d say I’m most proud of the Trap Tables in Untold Encounters as mixing Triggers, Area and Effects together can create a vast number of different traps. It took quite a few tries to end up with something I was happy with here…

Tamzin: Matt is also very happy he got to write an entire chapter on dungeon doors. Having played in his games for years now I can say with confidence that he loves messing with doors! I wrote a lot of the encounters based in towns and I had lots of fun playing with the consequences of petty neighbourhood emotions and mundane seeming interactions.

What is the most fun thing about creating encounter tables?

Matt: I love the bite size nature of creating encounter tables as it allows for a torrent of ideas to make it onto the page. It’s also fun imagining how different GM’s will interpret and then how their players will interact with those encounters.

What are the most biggest challenges of creating random tables?

Matt: Trying to select the best ideas we had! There are over 1000 random encounters in the book, but we have so many more here which didn’t make it in!

Tamzin: It’s trying to capture a cool idea or concept and make it easily understandable, playable and adaptable so it could fit into anyone’s game.

How do you use random tables yourself?

Matt: They are great for when you’re busy, or you’re wanting something just a bit different and can’t quite put your finger on what. Or if you’d just like to surprise everyone at the table, including yourself!

What is the most interesting rpg tool you've seen?

Matt: For a physical RPG accessory, I’d have to say a book of battle maps, although I’m biased there!

For in game mechanics I love the use of flashbacks and side-story action to keep a narrative moving or add interest.

Tamzin: I am a little old school so I love a nice set of dice and a new notebook for my games!!

What are your next big projects (random tables or otherwise) that you can talk about?

Matt: We have several new map products coming out in the coming months – The Giant Book of Battle Mats V3 (a lay flay book of battle maps which are wet/dry marker compatible), Box of Adventure Coast of Dread (a system agnostic terrain starter set of fold out maps with cut-out tokens of terrain, beasts and baddies) and finally our new 2 book set of modular maps – Castles, Crypts and Caverns.

And we have loads of plans for 2023 that we can’t say anything about just yet!

Where can people find you on social media?

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Is there anything else you would like to talk about?

Matt: Fingers crossed the new D&D movie is as good as the recent trailer looks!

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