Generators and Tools To Build a Better Unicorn for Your RPG

Duncan Thomson

Tools, tables and resources for using Unicorns in your roleplaying games..

Disclaimer. I'm an affiliate for DM's Guild and DriveThru RPG. I also create a lot of products with random tables on DM's Guild..

Starting Points with Unicorns

starting | names | tools | horses | pdfs

Unicorns are all over the world in roleplaying games and wider culture. For a creature that's meant to be rare they show up in all sorts of places.

For images to start with there are a couple of pinterest boards dense with unicorns a, collection of 1000+ pins and fantasy horses

There are unicorn boardgames such as Unstable Unicorns and Unicorn Fever

Some themes I'm associating with unicorns include horses, fey, forests, healing and rainbows. Any generator suggestions for these are welcome!

Unicorn Names

starting | names | tools | horses | pdfs

Candy Plum, Crunch Dreamer, Frosty Twist, Spring Marigold and Taffy Moon

From My Little Rainbow Shortcake Name gen at Springhole

Fantasy Name Generators has unicorn names such as "Majesty", "Milky Way" and "Rune". Alternatively there are My Little Pony names such as "Sapphire Sprint", "Flawless Victory" and "Cobalt"

For names at the Unicorn Name Generator such as "Berry Dapple Rump", "Apple Misty Reins", "Lily Pied Horse" and "Daffodil Snowy Ears"

Greeting Card Poet has 101 magical unicorn names with some meanings, gathered from a mix of sources. Such as Moriba - Seeker of Knowledge.

This comprehensive list from Hind Status has Funny, Fun, Cute and other unicorn names

Unicorn Names at Fantasy Name Generators

Unicorn Tools

starting | names | tools | horses | pdfs

"This lean male pony is a unicorn who is unprincipled. His coat is blue. He has a straight mane that is gray. His slanted eyes are violet. His mark is a berry."

From Magical Legend Ponies at 7th Sanctum

Marvelous Technicolor Pony Maker produces ponies, unicorns, pegasi and other equines at

Meet Your Guardian Unicorn describes a unique-sounding unicorn

I've got an early version of an ongoing unicorn tool, the Unicornator with icons for allies, powers and accessories.

For places you might find unicorns Gozzy's wilderness maps have lots of trees and I have a forest encounters gen for D&D

Marvelous Technicolor Pony Maker

Horse Generators

starting | names | tools | horses | pdfs

"Your horse is a 14.2hh bay stallion. He is a reserved 3 year old with a faint star marking on his face, and his four leg markings consist of nothing on his right front leg, a coronet on his left front leg, nothing on his right hind leg, and a pastern on his left hind leg. He would be best suited for parades. He may be a Spanish Mustang, a Thoroughbred, or a Dutch Warmblood."

From a random horse at Perchance

Anything that can be used for horses can be used for unicorns so...

For horse names such as Brie and Mystic

There is d100 horses from Chartopia (based on a post at bastionland) such as

"Horse with spade-hooves, used to dig up roots in its native land. Can be made to dig but is pretty slow to make up for it."

Horse Gen at Chartopia

PDFs and Tools

starting | names | tools | horses | pdfs

Last are some pdf resources for unicorns.

On DriveThru rpg there is Fantasy Creatures - Set3: Unicorns, with 56 unicorn minis..

Next is In the Company of Unicorns - DnD or Pathfinder, with rules for playing unicorns.

And last is a free product about Unicorns and Pegasi - The Hoof Wars of the Hasslem Plains - aka All About Equines

Fantasy Creatures - Set3: Unicorns Trinkets of Sky and Wind Random Mount Generator The Hoof Wars of the Hasslem Plains - aka All About Equines

For D&D on DM's Guild we have a Unicorn Player Race and a collection of hags and unicorns in Unbridled

Unicorn Player Race UNBRIDLED - 19 adventures featuring hags and unicorns

Unicorn Recommendations!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest generators in the comments or on my Discord server