Generators Guide to Taverns and Inns
Generators Guide Inns and Taverns

Generators Guide to Taverns and Inns

Duncan Thomson
Location. On Seminster Street, in a temple quarter of sprawling monasteries and learned clerics. It stands next to the Cloister of the Empyrean Lords.

A guide to random tools for fantasy taverns and inns with sections for entire taverns, separate details and pdfs.

[Image from Here Be Taverns. Text from donjon]

Starting Points

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Inns and taverns are a staple for many roleplaying games.

A cliched and yet reliable start to many adventures is to start them in a tavern.

Taverns can also be the the place to find new recruits, search for rumours, restock on supplies. And even to have entire adventures.

Famous gaming inns include Durnan's Tavern, Red Dragon Inn and the Three Feathers

Random PDFs

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100 Random Taverns from Azukail Games has brief text descriptions of 100 fantasy establishments.

From Pink Dice Bag Publishing is the Fantasy Inn and Cuisine Generator with tables for menus, tavern names, rooms staff and features.

On DM's Guild bestseller Durnan's Guide to Tavernkeeping has 48 pages of random tables, a brawl generator and rules for manging your own tavern.

100 Random Taverns Fantasy Inn and Cuisine Generator Durnan's Guide to Tavernkeeping

Tavern and Inn Tools

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The Weary Sword. This tavern is known for its old-fashioned ales. It is a three-story brick building with a horrible reputation. Tavernkeeper... Kareem Sandjabar - A mage who runs the tavern liberal use of mage hand, unseen servant, summons, and other magical means. Keeps a pet mimic named Boorf in the tavern that likes to prank people by turning into mugs and foot stools...

From the Tavern Generator at DnD Speak which includes a signature Drink in the description.

Donjon has a Random Inn and Tavern Generator with options of "Townsfolk" and "Adventurers" as patrons. It includes location, description, innkeeper, patrons, rumors and menu items such as "Braised Goose and Boysenberry Tart, Glass of Brandy (2 sp)"

For a venue with a battle map Taverns at Here Be Taverns has one for each location. Menu, characters and rumours included.

The Copper Sanctum has a standalone Not Another Tavern Generator with entries for tavern backstory, bartender, clientele, accommodation and an extensive Food and Drink list.

Role Generator's Random Tavern and Inn Generator has menu, customers and an event such as "A promoter is working his way around the tables looking for challengers to fight the local champion pugilist". Filters for type of tavern include "Island", "On the Road" and "Dwarfs"

Menu from Not Another Tavern Generator at the Copper Sanctum

Tavern and Inn Details

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Griffon's Rest. Triple Stars. Prince and Lichen. Glowing Witch. Sceptre and Lion. Apple Green Quarrel. Three Royals

...from Random Pub/Tavern Name at Red Dice Diaries. Easily updated to be the Griffon's Rest Meadhall, Glowing Witch Inn or Three Royals Tavern.

For more names Seventh Sanctum has a Tavern Name Generator with entries such as "The Blue Wand Bar" and "The Spider and Dragon"

For layouts Inkwell Ideas has random floorplans at the Random Inn Generator – Floorplan with the option to include things like a cellar, 2nd level and hearth. There is also a separate Random Rumors tool. And one for Inn Menus tool

For patrons of the establishment try 100 Inn Patrons at DnD Speak. Including "Two dwarves arguing over who has the more luscious beard."

Floorplan Generator for Inns at Inkwell Ideas

Tavern and Inn Tool Recommendations

I'll come back and update the Guide so send me any recommendations for tools, tables and pdfs.