Table Rolls - Why Encounter is in the Area

Two trolls come into view, crouched down and following a trail with their noses. Following them is another troll leading four cowed ogres who are carrying a metal cauldron between them. Anyone who can understand Giant can make out a conversation around the best way to cook a dwarf.

Who are they on the trail of?

Generated from the Encounter Reason in the Area, below, (roll of an 11, searching the area for food or sustenance) table below and the Mountains Levels 5-10 table (roll of a 6, 1d3 Trolls served by 1d3+1 Ogres)

Why Is the Encounter Here?

Rounding off the Encounter Blogs we look at why an encounter is in the area. This gives context for how they may deal with the PCs.

The Encounter Reason in the Area tables are system neutral. The first table can be used for any encounter. The Sentient Reasons one can be used with any being capable of thinking and links back to the first.

An encounter with 2 lions may take on a different meaning if they are fleeing a group of hunters looking for them, with a few arrow marks and a broken-off arrow shaft in one of them.

The tables are used in my 5E Encounters Generator and it supports the other 5E encounter tables


Encounter Reason in the Area

1d8+1d12Encounter - Reason in the Area
2They don't belong in the area and are trying to leave
3Something or someone has placed them to protect the area
4Looking for more of their kind
5Ending a journey or migration
6Something herded or lead them here
7Starting a journey or migration
8Lost in the area
9Partway through a journey or migration
10Following something
11Searching the area for food or sustenance
12Nearby their home or lair
13Fleeing a natural disaster, event or other danger
14Looking for a new home or lair
15Fleeing other creatures looking for them
16Making a home or lair
17Looking for more of their kind
18Summoned here by a dream, magic or instinct
19They are looking for a mate, a child or other specific creature
20Searching for somewhere to die or escape pain

Sentient Beings - Reasons In the Area

1d8+1d12Sentient Beings Reasons in the Area
2Staring a new life or phase in life
3Roll on Encounter Reason in the Area
4Hunting for something
5Roll on Encounter Reason in the Area
6On a spiritual journey
7Roll on Encounter Reason in the Area
8On a quest
9Roll on Encounter Reason in the Area
10Patrolling the area
11Roll on Encounter Reason in the Area
12Travelling to a particular place
13Exploring the area
14Guarding or protecting the location
15Searching for a particular place
16Searching for wealth
17Guarding the path
18They were told to come here
19Searching for the PCs
20Seeking to end their existence

More Encounters

These tables are used in my 5E Encounters Generator. You can find out more on Patreon and find me on Twitter @ChaosGenerators