Table Rolls - Encounter Complications

Two almost fully-grown black bear-cubs follow their mother. The mother is pain and stops to paw at a few golden feathers growing from her side and back.

Has a fey cursed them? Will she become an owlbear?

Generated from the Encounter Complications (roll of an 8, one or more of them is cursed) table below and the Forest Levels 1-4 table (roll of a 9, 1d3 Brown Bears)

Adding Complications to Encounters

The Encounter Complications table below is system neutral and can make any encounter more memorable. Use it as an option to add a complication to an encounter.

You might turn an encounter with 7 orcs into an encounter where 3 of them are drunk on mead and attempting to do something stupid. Or where one of them is a doppelganger who takes the opportunity to run away or try to sneak into the PC party.

It is system neutral and is perfect to use alongside the activity table. They are used in my 5E Encounters Generator and it supports the other 5E encounter tables


Encounter Complications

1d8+1d12Encounter Complications
2One of them is close to giving birth
3One or more of them is studying or investigating an item
4One or more of them is a shapeshifter
5They have a magic item in their possession
6One or more of them is drunk or wounded
7They sport the symbol of a local power group
8One or more of them is cursed
9They are part of or sacred to a nearby cult or temple
10One or more of them is wounded
11They are part of or owned by a nearby tribe or settlement
12One or more of them is exhausted
13They are with dependents
14One or more of them is unconcious
15One or more of then is drunk or significantly larger
16They are haunted or harassed by another creature
17One or more of them is diseased
18One or more of them is mutilated in some way
19They are mysteriously protected by another creature
20One or more of them is awakened or under a geas

More Encounters

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