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Star Wars Generators Guide

Duncan Thomson

Random generators for all things Star Wars. Characters, adventures, planets and equipment.

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Star Wars Names

Beyond "R2-D2", "Rey" and "Chewbacca" find a number of names by species or an even wider selection.

Maybe you prefer a single generator covering all the angles or names from The Old Republic.


If you want to expand a character beyond a name then I must mention the SW Multi Gen tool. It has the best Star Wars NPC (Non-Player Character) generator I've found so far and can also create weapons and quests (where it's mentioned twice more below).

enter image description here

You may prefer to pick NPCs from a chart or a quirky short descriptive generator.

For a picture of an NPC try the Star Wars Avatar, which has a random option after choosing species and gender.

Quests and Adventures

The SW Multi Gen tool can do quests with stats using the Fantasy Flight games.

For something more lightweight try picking from 101 Encounters or rolling up an adventure own from several d12 tables

For locations like the Radioactive Plains of Bala there is a Locations name generator.

101 Star Wars Encounters on Chartopia


Donjon shines here with planet names or a System Generator from the SW d6 version of the game

Equipment and Weapons

The versatile Multi Gen tool can also create weapon, while there is a whole site dedicated to Star Wars shops. For a simple chart try 101 Star Wars artifacts.

star wars shop

Bits and Pieces

If you want help running a Star Wars RPG there is a simple pdf guide and our last generator is the ever popular Star Wars Titles maker. It won't be too long before we see "Return of the Phantom" or "Raid of the Jedi"!

Lastly if you want more random tables you can purchase the Book of Random Tables: Science Fiction PDF.

Recommendations Please!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest Star Wars generators in the comments or on twitter to @DuncanThom

Non-Fantasy Gen Guides - Science Fiction | Horror | Post-Apocalypse | Cyberpunk | Star Wars