Generator Building 4 - Research and Tools Guide to Potions

Duncan Thomson

When you're building a generators it's good to have places to go for inspiration or if you're stuck.

So this is a guide to potion tools, tables and PDFs.

Part 4 of a series of articles on Creating a Random Generator. Part 3 is here

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Potion Tables

tables | tools | pdfs | dnd 5e pdfs

d4 Caltrops has One Hundred Unconventional Potions

Actually the Best has a series of tables for potions including vessel, stopper, color, smell, taste, effects and how it's made.

Goblin Punch has the Perfect Potion List. a d20 table plus about 50 other effects.

There are random tables at DND Speak for potion appearance potion effects, interesting containers and a potion generator that combines them

The subreddit DNDBehindTheScreen has a post with Random Potions Table for title (d10), effect (d100), strength (d10), side effect (d100), container (d20), appearance (d20 and d20), texture (d10), taste (2d100) and label (d100).

Paco's Miscelaneous Stuff has <a href="" target="blank>Potion Generation Tables for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th edition (link to pdf in the blog post)

Potion Tools

tables | tools | pdfs | dnd 5e pdfs

In the woods just outside the town is a potion shop with stray cats gathered nearby. It's a sunlit space decorated with wicker baskets full of herbs, with the wares stocked inside locked glass cases, and run by a foreign dwarf treating this like any given lousy retail job, who has a posh accent. The wares are overpriced.

From Potion Shop on the Magical Gurll! site

Fantasy Name Generators has potion names and potion descriptions

Geek Native has a random potion generator, and Chaotic Shiny has another with multiple results at a time.

Ancient Quests has witch potions and drugs

5th DnD has another potion generator

HereBeTaverns has a Potion Generator (choose the potions filter.

Donjon has a Scavenged Drug generator for modern, cyberpunk and apocalyptic games.

Iron Arachne has a Drug Generator for cyberpunk settings.

Last are shops from donjon selling potions (under alchemist) for dnd 5e or d20 System

Potions PDFs on DriveThru RPG

tables | tools | pdfs | dnd 5e pdfs

In price (at publication) order from Pay What You Want upwards are

d30 Natural Potions and Poisons Generator (Pay What You Want, Frugal GM), Two Bit Tables: Potions with a Unique Flavor (Healing Fireball), Buck-A-Batch: Magic Potions I (Creation's Edge Games), 50 Potions and Salves (Lee's Lists), 1001 Perplexing Potions (Wintertree Software) and Gothnog's Notorious Potions & Poisons - Fifth Edition (Critical Hit Publishing)

d30 Natural Potions and Poisons Generator Two Bit Tables: Potions with a Unique Flavor Buck-A-Batch: Magic Potions I 50 Potions and Salves 1001 Perplexing Potions Gothnog's Notorious Potions & Poisons - Fifth Edition

Potions PDFs on The Dungeon Master's Guild

tables | tools | pdfs | dnd 5e pdfs

At the DM's Guild we have Potions 11 (Pay What You Want), Epic Potions II, 50 Potions, Oils, and Elixirs, and The Emporium of Uncanny Magic — Lost Potions

The last 3 inmore detail are

Magic Potions and Ingredients, a 20-page supplement with brewable potions, their ingredients and player handouts. It also has full previews.

Booms, Heals, and Bleedings: Bombs, Alchemy and Poison has rules for bombs plus making potions and poisons, with new examples of both. Also an index of ingredients and new equipment.

Last up is something a bit different. Art Pack - Potions has 15 different potion containers.

Potions 11 Epic Potions II 50 Potions, Oils and Elixirs The Emporium of Uncanny Magic — Lost Potions Magic Potions and Ingredients Booms, Heals, and Bleedings: Bombs, Alchemy, and Poisons Random Insult Generator

Your Generator Recommendations

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