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Random Tools and Tables for Theros using D&D 5E

Duncan Thomson

Tools, tables and resources for the D&D world of Theros, inspired by Greek myths.

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Theros Lore

Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

"Theros is a plane governed by the gods of Nyx, where heroes face monsters, the sea rages, people offer burnt offerings and adventures take place. It is defined by mankind's struggle against the primal forces of the world, and mankind's conflict with the many other sapient races that populate the world"

Taken from Theros at gamepedia. There is a list of secondary characters.

Theros was originally created for Magic: the Gathering so we can check cards at Gatherer or Scryfall. For just Theros cards from Scyfall try this link

For a place to discuss Theros there is a place at reddit called r/TherosDMs

The Arkadia Setting (link to drivethru rpg) is another Greek Setting for 5e worth looking at for inspiration.


Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

Piostaeus. Eupsas. Khia. Khys. Serios.

...names from the Ancient Greek-ish Name Generator at

Names are so important for characters and fantasy name generators has a whole page of Magic: the Gathering names useful for Theros. Of note are those for gorgons, sphinxes and giants

For Humans there are Ancient Greek names and MTG-themed names

For Centaurs there are general centaur names and more MTG themed ones.

For Leonin there is a cat-person ideas generator

For Minotaurs you have MTG-themed names , greek-influenced names and ones from various fantasy sources. There is also a pair of horns generator and a minotaur characters idea tool

For Satyrs there is a satyr and fauns name generator

For Tritons there are MTG merfolk names. Also with a bit of adaption a mer-tails generator could work

Magic the Gathering Name Generators

Prophecies, Oracles and Riddles

Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

"When fire burns blue, a proposal shall bring forth the start of peace and new leaders for all."

from the random Prophecy Generator at Geek Native

Omens and oracles are a big part of life with the gods. Prophecies are all around, with prophecies with the option of scrambling the words, several short ones or character foretellings (one of mine). There is a name generator for prophets too.

Also covered are superstitions, omens & portents, riddles and a riddle maker (no answers though).

Omens and Portents at donjon

Seas and Islands

Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

"You find a man adrift at sea in a bloodied life boat. He claims to be the survivor of a shipwreck."

...from 100 Sea Travel Events at Dnd Speak

The seas and islands are a big part of Theros and I have a guide on Tables and Tools for Seas and Pirates. Two highlights are 100 Uncharted Islands and Shipwreck Descriptions

100 Uncharted Islands

Theros Items and Trinkets

Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

Masks are prominent in Thoros lore and there is a costume masks generator, replacing modern materials with wood, ceramic or metal.

and I've got a Theros Trinkets Generator

Masks at Springhole


Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

"A bronze bracer forged in the shape of a medusa's head"

from Trinkets of Theros, a pdf with 100 trinkets on DM's Guild

Gray Merchant of Asphodel has loot and merchant tables

Lastly Encounters in Theros has random tables for City, Wilderness, Mountain and Watery environments.

Trinkets of Theros
The Gray Merchant of Asphodel: 100+ Theros Magic Items
Encounters in Theros

Bits and Pieces

Theros lore | characters | oracles | seas  | items | pdfs | other

For other themes you might like constellations or holidays.

Your Generator Recommendations

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest Dungeon generators in the comments or on my Discord server

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