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Pets and Companions Random Generators - A Guide

Duncan Thomson

Generators for animal familiars, fantasy horses, mundane mounts and unusual pets. With a smattering of stranger beings such as aliens and pokemon.

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Pets, Mounts and other Companions

pet gens | cats and dogs | horses | other pets  | pdfs

People love their pets in real life and in RPGs too. Paladin mounts, witch familiars, ranger and druid animal companions. So here are some tools to create and customise pets for your games.

We have complete pet generators for all-in-one regular or fantasy pets. If you specifically want feline or canine friends then the cats and dogs section is for you. Horses are always popular as mounts or friends as are their relatives unicorns and pegasi.

Lastly you might want other pets, be they more animals, pokemon, space pets or robots. There are also pdfs of pet tables.

Pet Generators

pet gens | cats and dogs | horses | other pets  | pdfs

Your magical pet is a large white male parrot with the ability to sense evil.  He has a forehead marking in the shape of a star.  He gets lost easily and is not very neat.

...from Magical Pet Maker at

If you want more complete pet descriptions then you can find earth-like versions at the Pet Generator or more fantastical ones in 100 Familiars/Pets

For a pet name try the Pet Name Generator with results such as "Eclipse", "Sasha", "Voltron", "Buffy" and "Rush"

Cats and Dogs

pet gens | cats and dogs | horses | other pets  | pdfs

"Australian Patrol Fisher", "Cattle Terrier", "Japanese Silky Kelpie", "Miniature Collie", "Yorkshire Beast Spaniel"

...are new dog breeds from the Dog Breed Generator at Seventh Sanctum

Dogs have been companions of humanity since we were hunter-gatherers. And that continues into fantasy and space games with the Pet Dog Name Generator. For a wolf or more ferocious dog consider the Random Wolf Generator

Cats have been with us for thousands of years too and were revered in Egypt. Name your felines with the Pet Cat Name or create a complete one with the Random Cat Generator

Random Cat Generator at

Mundane and Magical Horses and Ponies

pet gens | cats and dogs | horses | other pets  | pdfs

it's a large brown war horse, wich eats everything and has weak hooves. It has now 5 years, yellow eyes and without a spot in the face. it has no horns

...from Fantasy Horse Generator at Because it's at perchance you can see the code and make your own version.

If your rpg character has a mount, it's more likely to be a type of horse than not. If you want to get attached to your horse then the Pet Horse Name Generator awaits. As does it's companion the Horse Name Generator which has more heroic-sounding names

There's also a fascination for magical horses, with an option for several Magical Legend Ponies at one at a time with the Marvellous Technicolor Pony Maker.

Magical Legend Ponies at Seventh Sanctum

More Animal, Fantastical and Sci-Fi Companions

pet gens | cats and dogs | horses | other pets  | pdfs

This Pokemon is a fairy-type Pokemon and somewhat resembles a partridge. It has velvety feathers, ribbon-like wings and a curved beak. They're generally carefree by nature and can often be found in large forests. If you're out looking for them they can often be seen lurking about and on their own. It tends to attack with Light of Ruin and Geomancy. It has evolve once and can still evolve into one of two potential evolutions.

... from Pokemon Description Generator at Fantasy Name Generators. There is a related Pokemon Name Generator.

For other pet animals and the option of multiple results there is an Animal Companion Generator or a more detailed Animal Description.

For familiars look at the Witch's Familiar tool or the wizardling pet/familiar creator. If you want owls in particular then the Companion Owl Generator is for you

If aliens are more your thing there is a Pet Alien Name Generator or a small selection of Space Pets. For something bizarre then the Random Robot Generator might make a suitable companion.

Animal Companion Generator at Chaotic Shiny

Pet and Companions PDFs

pet gens | cats and dogs | horses | other pets  | pdfs

Dungeon Pets is a system-neutral supplement for monstrous pets at DriveThru RPG

Savage Worlds has the fantasy add-on Companions and Familiars.

D&D 5e has Animal Sidekicks at DM's Guild with 40 beasts and fantasy creatures ready to boost your character.  And Bearthazars-House-of-Familiars, a shop for familiars...

For D&D specific random tables I've created Pets, Familiars and Companions on DM's Guild

Last there is a whole rpg around playing Dogs. DAWG: the RPG.

And a bonus PDF which includes random tables is a great idea of the player's familiars and pets rescuing them in Rescue A Familiar Tale.

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