Patreon Creators who make Generators [Updated]

There is a mystical place where creators and ideas gather. People often find it by a bright red button....

[Updated: originally published Dec 2018]

From Random Charts to Fantasy Maps

Patreon is a place where you support your favourite creators via ££, $$, €€ or other currencies. Patreon take a cut, but this allows creators to supplement or replace their existing income. Which allows them to spend more time creating the things you love.

The hard bit can be finding creators you love. I have a page on there, but I'm sharing a list of prominent generators creatives.

d12Dev is creating Chartopia

Chartopia is a site you can find, create and organise random tables and charts. They have regular updates, a Discord channel and a subReddit.

Find out more at their Patreon page. I also did an interview with Glenn of Chartopia.

Chartopia on Patreon

Azgaar is creating Fantasy Map Generator

Azgaar is the creator of an online map generator. Patreon updates are rare but it allows him to put more work into the map tool.

Find him here on Patreon or find out more in my blog interview.

Azgaar Patreon

Ameronis is creating inspiration for writers and creators

A content creator who concentrates on writing tools at RanGen, over roleplaying games. There are no patreon updates yet but at least you get a virtual cookie!

Find the patreon here and find out more about Ameronis in my interview.

Ameronis Patreon

Rhys is creating Dungeons and Dragons tools

What would a generator with connected elements look like? Where you could click on a monster, tavern or quest to generate more detail?

Probably Eigengrua's Generator which also has a patreon with regular updates. I've also interviewed Rhys about his experience creating random generators.

Rhys Patreon

Other Generator Creators

The list continues with

More Creators

You can also find many examples of geekery on Patreon such as Comic Creators, RPG Podcasts or Games Creators.

This is part one of several articles I will refresh periodically to keep up to date.

Are there any creators on Patreon you want to suggest? Leave a comment on here or at twitter.