Grassland Generators Guide. Plains, Steppes and Prairie also apply
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Grassland Generators Guide. Plains, Steppes and Prairie also apply

Duncan Thomson

Tools, tables and resources for running adventures in grasslands and similar terrain

Grassland Tables - encounters | locations | non-combat | extras | tools guide

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Starting Points - Plains, Steppes, Prairie and Grasslands

starting | details | dnd tools | pdfs Grasslands adventures can cover plains full of sprawling farmlands, steppes of horse nomads, grasslands of vast herds and endless savannah. From a D&D context Tribality has a section on adventures in Grassland terrain and Rand Roll has a series of random tables using Grasslands.For images to start with there are a couple of pinterest boards with grassland research, non-fantasy and fantasticalSome themes I'd associate with plains and grasslands would be mounts & riders, herding, winds, flyers and elemental air. Any generator suggestions for these are welcome!*

Details and Depth for Grasslands

starting | details | dnd tools | pdfs

d6 Encampment: This encampment is occupied by a/an…1 Barbarian clan. 2 Hunting party. 3 Merchant caravan. 4  Military company. 5 Outlaw band. 6 No one; it was abandoned some time ago.

From reddit quick temperate grasslands generator. A variety of useful   useful grasslands tables, including grass height, landscape, landmarks, night encounters and hazards.

Give flatlands names from the grasslands names generator such as "Stonecarres Steppe" or "Eastern Grasshopper Prairie". Meant for smaller grassland areas so might take a few goes to generate something you like. An alternative Grassland Names generator with results such as "Niagamau Gardens" and "Dodown Range"

Give some foraging details plants for plains such as "Sunberry Bush" and "Ginyak Weed"

If you want creatures to fly or have a different appearance here is a pair of wings generator

DnD Tools

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14 -  fwild steed (horse, pony, giant rabbit/butterfly/bee/grasshopper/kangaroo, *zebracorn)

From a d20 Wild Grassland encounter table at Blog of Holding. * indicates new monsters that haven't actually been designed yet.

You can generate grassland encounters at Donjon.

I've got a few dnd tools at Chaos Gen, including Grassland encounters generator with extra details, locations for grasslands. And wind-themed trinkets


PDFs and Tools

starting | details | dnd tools | pdfs

Random and non-random pdf resources for grassland terrain.

Almarune's Almanac : Grasslands of the Realms details several flatlands areas of the realms, as well as subclasses, magic items and monsters for Grassland terrain.

For encounters on the grassland try Grassland Encounter Tables

On DriveThru rpg there is Cinematic Environs - Plains & Grasslands which has an in depth look at this terrain.

For minor treasures with a plains theme try Trinkets of Sky and Wind

Last is a Random Mounts Generator packed with tables for random tables

Amarune's Almanac: Grasslands of the Realms
Grassland Encounters - Random Encounter Tables
Cinematic Environs - Plains and Grassland
Trinkets of Sky and Wind
Random Mount Generator

Grassland Recommendations!

I'll keep this guide updated so please suggest generators in the comments or on my Discord server