Gens Round-up - A Book on Generators and New/Updated RPG Tools

It's been a while since my last round-up on random generators so here we go....

A Book on Random Generators

Steven Savage has been creating random generators for role-playing games for over 20 years including Seventh Sanctum

Chance's Muse is a book that goes into the building of different types of generators. Splitting them into various models and exploring the traits and principles of options available.

I know I had several insights on building better random generators from reading it.

Generator Updates

Chartopia Tutorials

In conjunction with Experience Points, Chartopia has created 3 tutorials for creating random tables from crowd-source content.

Part One, Part Two and Part Three are on YouTube.

The Nov Dungeons Generators

In November we had a Dungeons Generator Challenge which gave us a Five Room Dungeon, a door generator and a dungeon collection at Chartopia

I also have a generators guide to dungeons and another for dungeon maps

Interested in RPG Generators

If you are interested in places with more random generators check out the r/rpg_generators at Reddit or my backlog of creator interviews and rpg tools.