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5e Generators Guide to D&D World Building

Duncan Thomson

Places and quests plus other things for world building in 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Disclaimer. I'm an affiliate for DM's Guild and I also create a lot of products with random tables on DM's Guild..

One Gen to Build them All

eigengrau | maps | places | quests | other | pdfs

If you want a lot of your world building done in one place then Eigengrau's Generator might work for you. It can do towns, taverns, quests and NPCs all while keeping them related to each other.

Maps of New Worlds and Nations

eigengrau | maps | places | quests | other | pdfs

To kickstart your world try generating a map using Azgaar's Fantasy Map Generator or the World Map Generator

For an Island and Adventure try Perilous Shores.


eigengrau | maps | places | quests | other | pdfs

Memorable places are a great start for world building and DND Speak has many 100 lists that are D&D related.. 100 unique towns and villages is a great place to start.

Magic shops have been covered in the 5e Guide to Treasure and Items, mentioning the 5e Magic Shop and Donjon Random Magic Shop.

For wilderness locations try a landmark generator and locations by terrain (one of mine).

D&D Quests

eigengrau | maps | places | quests | other | pdfs

You'll want ways for characters to explore your world so try a Location-based Adventure Generator or or my D&D One Shot ideas generator for an alternative take.

Other Things

eigengrau | maps | places | quests | other | pdfs

Make societies with the Secret Society Generator which includes a location in the Realms.

To keep your world organised Fantasy Calendar can help, with existing calendars for Forgotten Realms and Eberron.

For places beyond the mortal realm check out 100 new planes of existence

World Building PDFs

eigengrau | maps | places | quests | other | pdfs

To add more inns and taverns use Pay What You Want Inns & Taverns by Lifestyle .

For pdfs with many random tables of other planes the Infinite Staircase or my Planar Encounter Tables on DM's Guild

Last is a system for Travel Skill Challenges and Non-Combat Encounters

More 5E World Building Tools

I would love to see more D&D world building tools so suggestions welcome in the comments here or over at the rpg_generators subreddit.

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