Gathering the Generators

Creators like building tools more than promoting them. I'm trying expand the generators space and share those tools with others.

Finding other Creators

Random generators are a source of ideas and untold possibilities. As a creator I wanted feedback on what I built, ideas for other generators and somewhere to talk about the craft.

I discovered RPG generators is a small niche. As I started using EN World's OGRE system I looked there. But the buzz when OGRE launched had been and gone a few years before. (OGRE has been mostly lost with EN World's Aug 2019 upgrade)

Another look around turned up the r/proceduralgeneration subreddit. But I was wary of reddit and searching for facebook groups returned nothing.

Then I started interviewing creators and discovered many smaller communities.

Hubs of Creativity

I found hubs around particular generators or platforms. Communities of chart-building sites like Chartopia and Perchance.

Several creators are active on Patreon and have their user bases on Discord. Creators like Lady Tiefling and Rhys of Eigengrau's have communities that talk about rpgs, random tables and random geekery.

Some people want to contribute ideas and collaborate. Which is where d100 and DnD Speak comes into play.

Ameronis of RanGen has built a community around a particular aspect of generators. There are regular competitions based on writing prompts and people creating stories from the generators.

Bringing it together

I'm making an effort to bring it together, starting with somewhere like the r/randomgeneration subreddit. But it's mostly good for showing off generators and not everyone is a fan of Reddit.

This is part of why I'm highlighting generators in the Generator Guides. it's one of the reasons why I interview people for the blog. Some of these have joined my patreons on a discord server to talk about generation theories and resources.

I think with a community we can share our ideas, collaborate on grander tools and get inspiration from the work of others. And discover tools beyond all of the name generators.

Future Plans

I'm still thinking about ways to connect people to generators. For particular styles, genres and games. And there is a bias as I'm also a generator creator!

I'm interested in finding out more about how people use generators and similar tools. It's not an area a lot of research has been done that I'm aware of.

I will be launching some research into how people use random generators and what features they would like to see. Something like the Great Generators Questionnaire.

The interviews will continue, and some resources on creating your own generators and ways to make the process easier.

I'll be looking at hashtags we can use for generators on sites like Instagram and Twitter. Trying things like #rpgtool, #dndtable and #dndgenerator.


If you have any suggestions on ways to grow the community let me know. Or communities around random generators I've missed!