Generators Guide to Forests and Feywild and Witchlight
Generators Guide Forest Wild Beyond the Witchlight

Generators Guide to Forests and Feywild and Witchlight

Duncan Thomson

Tools, tables and resources for running adventures in forest and the Feywild.

Forest Tables - encounters | locations | non-combat | extras | tools guide

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Starting Points - Forest and Feywild

starting | forest | creatures | feywild | trees | pdfs

Forest adventures can cover ancient heartlands of proud trees, enchanted woodland protected by druids and sinister woods infested with spiders.

Feywild adventures encompass stories in any faerie realm, place of dreams and those involved with the fey, seelie and unseelie.

Related generator guides is one for unicorns

From a D&D context Tribality has a section on adventures in forest terrain and Rand Roll has a series of random tables using Forest or the the Feywild

For images to start with there are a couple of pinterest boards with research for forest and feywild

Some themes I'd associate with forest and feywild would be enchantment, life, druids, fey, plant creatures and dreams. Any generator suggestions for these are welcome!*


starting | forest | creatures | feywild | trees | pdfs

"An archway woven together by trees or tree branches leading to a small temple."

From 100 Interesting Forest Locations at dnd speak

Give your forests names and find out what is in the forest

Give them depth by making it a haunted forest or putting in some art installations.

For dnd encounters I've got a forest encounters generator

Forest and Fey Creatures

starting | forest | creatures | feywild | trees | pdfs

"This forest-dwelling fairy is female with brown eyes, a tanned complexion, and curly golden-blond hair cut short.  She is very tall and is somewhat thin.  She wears a pair of mid-length trousers, a corset, and a pair of pointed boots.  She also wears a golden ring and a flower hat.  She tends to be forgetful and is fairly talkative."

From Fairy Generator at

For names the many gens of Fantasy Name Generators provides ones for...

For Magic the Gathering names there are centaurs, dryads, elves, faeries and treefolk

Hags are a malevolent type of supernatural creature associated with the faerie realm. Tools include names, items in a hag lair and a full on hag generator

Feywild and Fairy Tale

starting | forest | creatures | feywild | trees | pdfs

"The story is about a brave queen who must save a princess, defeat a tyrant, and outwit a faerie to break a curse."

From Fairytale Plot Generator on

Faerie realms such as the Feywild can be unusual places so find inspiration from generators of fantastic realms and fantasy/mythical animals.

Fey bargains are part of faerie stories, as are unusual dreams

Last are dnd encounters for the Feywild

Foliage and Trees

starting | forest | creatures | feywild | trees | pdfs

"The forest was large, wet, and rich. Its canopy was dominated by yew, magnolia, and willow, who left just enough light for a mosaic of ferns to monopolize the crunchy layer of leaves below. Bundled tree limbs hung from a couple of trees, and a variety of flowers, which blossomed brightly, added more life in the otherwise monotone forest grounds. A variety of noises, belonging mostly to bird songs, brightened up the forest, and were in harmony with the swaying of tree tops in the wind."

from Forest Descriptions on Fantasy Name Generators.

Plants and trees are at the heart of forest terrain, for which we have plant plants descriptions, plant / tree names and fantasy plants

For maps with a good amount of tree try gozzy's wilderness maps, which have a filter for the amount of foliage shown


starting | forest | creatures | feywild | trees | pdfs

Onto pdfs of random tables, starting with forests

For Forest Campaigns try Campaign Backdrop: Forest and Woodlands and for maps there is Forest Map Pack

Amarune's Almanac : Forests of the Realms details forests of the Forgotten Realms along with DnD 5e player options

I have a D&D collection of forest tables in the Sylvan Adventures Bundle, including forest encounters, sylvan trinkets and the spider woods adventure site.

Campaign Backdrop: Forest and Woodlands
Forest Map Pack
Amarune's Almanac : Forests of the Realms
Sylvan Adventures Bundle

For faerie realms there is the hefty the Feywild with D&D 5e lore, map, magic monsters and player options.

For smaller offerings there is Fey Gifts and Bargains, the pay-what-you-want Trinkets from the Fair Folk and Feywild Encounters

The Feywild
Fey Gifts and Bargains
Trinkets from the Fair Folk
Feywild Encounters

Forest and Feywild Recommendations!

Leave any recommendations

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