Encounter Generator Update and Next Large Generators Project

I'm wrapping up my D&D Encounters generator and moving onto another large project. You can help decide what it is...

Encounters Generator

I've been adding features to the <a D&D 5e Encounters Generator at Chaos Gen for a year and it's gotten fairly complex. Several other generators for NPCs and locations have also been created from it.

I still have the following to add (some are almost there) before moving onto the next large generators project.

  • Theme option
  • Hazards
  • Events during Combat
  • New Terrain - Road
  • 5 Room Adventure / Dungeon - 5 connected encounters
  • Improved Non-combat / NPCs
  • Chance of Notable Locations

Next Project

The encounters features have been voted for by my Patreon supporters and I'm there's another patron's poll for my next large generator.

Choices are an in-depth generator for NPCs, Adventures, Treasure or "Other" (with a second poll if this gets most votes).

Let me know any other encounter ideas too.