All the Names with Fantasy Name Generators

When I started out making generators for RPGs, one of the first ideas was to concentrate on names. A visit to Fantasy Name Generators (FNG) and that first ideas was crushed.

Need a Name?

If your character lacks a name, (FNG) is the place to go. It has hundreds of generators covering Earth-cultures, fantasy and popular culture. Adding in places, sci-fi and the broad "other" category then names are well covered.

female cowboy names

The description generators are my favourite part of the site. These go into colourful detail on a country, city or character. You get text in a readable fashion to use in-game or as ideas to develop further. Excellent for world-building to complement the name generators.

FNG is the first Random Realm I take a look at. These are sites or tools with many generators or ways to create them.

What Genre and RPGs Does it Support?

FNG has fantasy and modern-day names covered, with wide support for RPGs and other genres.

Dungeons and Dragons names generators

It has specific support for tabletop leaders Dungeon and Dragons and Pathfinder. Alongside these are more specific tools for

And then for science-fiction look out for

There is also strong support for horror names such as vampires and werewolves.

What is Good about the Generators?

The generators of FNG are tidy and detailed with a good number of results. As a generators geek what I love is the explanation notes with each generator. A ghoul name generator explains that ghouls come from arabic folklore. It then details the two types of names in the generator, one guttural and the other hard.

ghoul names

If you are building a campaign or adventure then FNG makes an excellent place to start. Naming characters and settlements becomes easy, especially in a new genre or unfamiliar world.

Generator Picks

The sheer number of options makes it hard to pick out generators. But then that's one of the strengths of FNG.

The Description Generators are my favourites. They are perfect to seed ideas. The Dungeon Description I've used in the past as an idea for basing off a larger dungeon.

For the names it would be the Pet name generators such as cat names. Most groups have a character or player who loves pets.

pet names

5 I've most recently used are: Transformers, Horses, Wild West Towns, Cowboy/girl Names and My Little Pony.


Emily, the creator of FNG is responsive to generator requests and prolific in creating new generators. She also has a sister site at which contains tools and guides for role-playing games. I recommend the Coat of Arms Generator which has given me several icon images for my generators!

Coat of Arms Generator

The last generator to check out for real world use is the Birthday Wish generator.

So in advance of your next birthday..

"Happy birthday to somebody we really need a week for to celebrate properly!"

In Summary

Fantasy Name Generators will be your first stop for generating names and ideas. A well-thought out site with many many options. It's also the reason I won't be creating many random name generators any time soon.

Let me know if you've used many generators or would like to see any other sites covered in Random Realms.