A Year+ of Creative Interviews

In a year and a bit we've had 28 interviews with different creators. My first creator interview was with Emily of Fantasy Name Generators and the most recent was Jerry Joe Seltzer of 5thdnd.com

A Year and More

Since May 2018 this blog has grown way beyond my expectations. A blog about random generators for roleplaying games.

I started with random tables and later added Generator Guides which are my favourite things to write. More recently the generators community has been growing and I've been highlighting particular tools

But the glue that binds it all are the Creator Interviews. I thought there would be enough for four or five interviews. Instead I found many talented builders and writers of tools and tables. Creators of a bewildering array of generators, of maps I can spend hours clicking for "just another one".

Creators who help Game Masters, Dungeon Masters, referees, players, storytellers and writers. Who spend their time to create works of art and science that guide, inspire and provide the answers. Sometimes all you need is an elf name or a quick table for what to harvest on a Unicorn.

Multi-Tool Sites (add ennead games)

When interviewing folks, a few names came up several times as helping others. They have generator sites with hundreds of generators and have been going for years.
They were also among my first interviews and had generators that inspired me to create this site.

These were Emily of Fantasy Name Generators, Steven Savage of 7th Sanctum, Hannah Lipsky of Chaotic Shiny and Donjon.

Joining these sites as repositories of many generators are

Ameronis of RanGen creating tools for writing inspiration

Chris of Ennead Games, a multi-tool site with lots of high-quality, deep generators

All the Maps

Mapping tools are among the most popular and to date I've interviewed...

The D&D 5E Crew

D&D is the most popular of RPGs so it makes sense some generators focus on it.

For 5E we have had Rhys of Eigengraus, a sprawling generators that lets you expand on different elements you like. The Magic Shop is more focused and lets you populate stores of magic items. And then Todd of Beastlands has an unusual generator, procedurally creating books of monsters.

Casey of DnD Speak, who with the help of the d100 subredding creates tables and generators primarily focused on 5e. And one of the most popular interviews was with Lady Tiefling, who inspires with the Loot Tables.

Joe Jerry Seltzer of 5thdnd.com was the most recent interview at time of writing and brings a site of generators including people, places, fumbles and riddles.

Kasson creates a game called Rogue Legend 2 but here also talks about the generators for 5E (and a few for 4E)

Picking an RPG System

And others specialise in a system.

Russ of EN World focused on generators for WOIN, created using the OGRE system.

John Mechalas of Dungeonetics has created names and a harrow deck for Pathfinder, Bobo of Snow White Hills has several Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay generators. Then Mike of Starfinder Tools has a comprehensive suite of tools.

Tool Specialists

Several interviews were with creators whose tools don't quite fit into the other categories.

Chartopia is a special tool that allows other to make generators and Glenn goes into it's background and trials.

Jay Hafner specialises in creating character sheets for various system, with WFRP 4E being one of the more recent ones.

Ancient Quests was one of the most popular shares at our reddit comunity and has many generators on a single web page.

Copper Santum is a dedicated tavern generator with lots of details to bring the to life.

Ben of Iron Arachne had been working on a heraldry generator when interviewed but has now expanded out into a unique Cultures Generator well worth a look.

Random Tables

Mike Shea or "Sly Flourish" is known for the Lazy DM series but here is talking about random tables and how they can help in the efforts of a Lazy DM.

John of Red Dice Diaries has created many random tables and including several on D&D trinkets. Some are being shown off using chartopia.

Ewen Cluney of Yaruki Zero Games is an RPG creator with a love of d6 tables, showing off the versatility of random charts.

Next Up

There will be a break from interviews until the autumn, but they will be back. Possibly with a refresh of format, but I want to do some second interviews with creators and have a stack of first time interviews to get to.

And then I need to look into more chart creation tools such as Perchance and delve into the updates for Chartopia.

Expect a return of random tables and some Pathfinder 2e material, as well as some more articles around using generators and the regular Guides and Tools.

Return of the Creators

What have been your interview highlights?

Which creators would you like to see make a return?